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4 months ago
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Get your Carnet stamped or TIP here. It's a different place to Immigration. They may try to hit you up for money, but we didn't pay! Liza & Jason


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You can stamp your CPD here If they didn't make it to the border.

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Behind there is a shop you can do fotocopie voor CFA 100 and you can have a simcard I do a picture about the shop, you find the card for printer, 🖊 and more! very nice people runs the shop!

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Got CdP stamped out here, quick and friendly.

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No need to stop here if you get your carnet stamped at border.

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Tip for bikes free, 5 minutes, friendly and professional

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Easy and quick. But they do ask 10.000.- cfa for one car passavant, after argue for 5 minutes they did it free.

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Got TIP here. They tried to charge us 10,000 each for 3 motorbikes . But it’s free. They even were writing receipts for us but After about 5 minutes arguing politely we said “well I can call my embassy and they can confirm the price for me” they handed them to us and let us go.

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They stamped my carbet at the boarder. No need to stop here

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The official issued the passavant (for our car) for free.

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At the small roundabout and you come into Bitam 300m before the police.
Smooth enough. He asked for money and provided a receipt. Was 10,000CFA for both bikes but we only got one receipt.
We got our SIM card and read the other experiences here not paying after it was too late. Maybe push to not pay.

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We lost so much time at the police check that we arrived just one time for a TIP.

However, just like the last two borders they had this whole story that we needed to leave a bond if we do not have a Carnet. When we showed all these stories on Ioverlander(for what it's worth) and said that a month ago a TIP was easy and free. The chef said nothing is free and he showed all his diplomas to prove that he really wasn't corrupt and it costs us XAF 5 000,-

Somehow, after 20 min. listening he closed his office and another lady wrote the passavant and handed it over without asking for money.

So eventually it was still free.

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Very fast for TIP, 5 minutes. No charge. Friendly and efficient people

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5 minutes, and they didnt ask me for money. Nice officer.

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Get your Carnet stamped here. It's in a differs place to Immigration. They may try to hit you up for money, but we didn't pay! Liza & Jason

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