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Dr. Marcio Ruiz Silva. Health certificate ($30), you will need this to exit Nicaragua and get the paperwork to enter Costa Rica. Can also do a quick blood test to check for common parasites.

Very friendly staff, no English speakers.


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Very well explained! It’s complicated but do-able. It’s really needed for Costa Rica!

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Fantastic and íknowledgeable as everyone has said. He makes the process incredibly clear. I wanted to add a picture.

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They charge $30 to do the health certificate and they’ll give you three copies.
They will give the two account numbers you have to deposit money in at the LAFISE bank.
You get in line and any clerk can do the deposits. Bring your passport and one copy and I used my driver license to give her my home address. I told her my Rivas address as a hotel and she was fine with that.
Take the receipts to the Cetrex-Vecun office near the Bomberos (fire station ) office.
Cetrex is upstairs in a yellow building behind the big blue and white monument near the bomberos. Give them the bank receipts and a copy of your pet passport and your own passport and the health certificate from the vet. They will give you the package of documents you have to give to IPSA at the border.
All this running around to export a pet! Ridiculous!

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Super recommend this place! All the vets were very nice and patient with our Spanish. Got three copies of the health certificate.

They also carry NexGard Spectra (has been SO hard to find) and many other medicines like Bravecto and HartGard. We ended up buying a year’s supply and they gave us a little $5 USD discount on the health certificate. They even cut our dogs nails at no extra cost.

They gave us a paper with account numbers to go pay the $13 USD fee for Cetrex and $15 USD fee (in Cordoba) for IPSA at the bank. Went to Lafise and was super easy.

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Everything as described BUT new cost for Cetrex: 546.35 Cordobas.

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excellent service... tell you about what to do

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as everybody says, very professional, still 30usd for the health certificate and he gives you all the instructions for the following steps (pay at banco lafise and then go to Centrex with your voucher, then at the border go to ipsa)

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Very friendly and professional. Did a proper health check and arranged the health certificate to exit Nica and enter Costa Rica. It's $30USD for the health certificate. They give out a paper to pay exit fees at the bank ($13USD for IPSA and 150 cordoba for Cetrex - paid in whatever currency). After going to the bank, go to Cetrex and after that go to IPSA at the border. We did it all in one day, good luck!

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 11.43754, -85.82865

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very friendly and helpful vet. he knew all the steps we needed to cross the border from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. provided health certificate (2 copies), and written info with the 2 codes needed to pay at the bank for Cetrex and IPSA (must pay at bank first because neither establishment takes money) both are in Rivas, and IPSA (and another bank) is at the border. also had us follow one of the employees to show us the location of Cetrex, as it's not clearly signed. easy process and very kind. note: we weren't planning on crossing the border until the first of March, and were instructed to only do Cetrex in Rivas and IPSA at the border, because IPSA might give us problems with a February date on bank receipt. we did as instructed, and all went fine.

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health certificada, you will need this, if you are staying longer then 72 hours in Nicaragua for the CETREX-Form /IPSA

Very friendly staff, no English speakers 😑

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