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3 months ago
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Once an hour, there is a ferry going to the other side. There is room for many cars and trucks. You can pay on the ferry. 1800 Argentina pesos or 16500 Chile money.


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a travessia dura 30 minutos. muito seguro.

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Actual price for a 7 m motorhome: 18000 $ chilenos (7500 $ argentinos). You have to go to the Caja 🤭

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We went at 4pm and waited 3hours to get in the ferry. We paid 18'000 CLP for a Motorhome on the ferry.

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Valor atualizado da balsa 7500 por carro pequeno

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Waited 9 hours for the ferry because of the very windy conditions. Better to check weather conditions before.

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Cruzamos o Estreito de Magalhães na balsa em direção ao Uahuaia. Pagamos 6.400 pesos (R$ 112,00) e levou uns 30 minutos de travessia.

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Travelling north to Monte Aymond and Rio Gallegos by bicycle. Waited an hour for the ferry. One arrived earlier but was filled with petrol fuel tankers before any of the other vehicles waiting. Took the next ferry, fairly easy process. Bicycles board last. Supposed to pay onboard but didn’t end up paying since no one solicited payment once onboard. Walked around on deck since no other rooms were open. Most travellers waited in their vehicles during the crossing. 30 minutes maximum duration for the crossing.

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Once a hour there is a ferry going to the otherside. They can place Many cars and trucks.
You can pay on the ferry. 1800 Argentina pesos or 16500 chileens money.

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