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about 2 months ago
2063.7 masl


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Bulk propane.

Moderator Note: Please ask permission before staying overnight. This place is categorized for obtaining propane.


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Current propane price is $3.99, staff was very friendly and helpful

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Great experience. Quick. Knowledgeable operator. Around $4 a gallon currently.

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Came here for the propane but ended up staying overnight. We were parked here all day due to car issues and nobody asked us to move. We decided to stay overnight as well. Not sure if they allow it but nobody seemed to mind.

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Today it’s $3.89 gal. Fast and easy. Plenty of room to pull all the way through.

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Propane is $3.89 a gallon. We had to unhook the toad and back in.

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$3.97 a gallon now. check in in the store first

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$3.59/gal now! Big jump from last year. Filled onboard tank.

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propane refills, check-in in store
$2.69/gal today

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