Springdale Coin Carwash | Sanitation Dump Station

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6 months ago
23.2 masl


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$10 dump Station at south end of the wash building. Right in front as you enter on the left hand side.


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Still there, still $10. It's in open view of the street, so if your camper likes privacy when it goes, this is not the spot.

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Free if ya need it to be. Says to put money in envelope under front door? Had no idea where that was. Was able to fill water too. All the way to the left if you’re looking at the car washes. Had to back my rig in.

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$10 dump station. Right in front. A little hard to see. If you have black tank hose connector on the bottom of your van it might be a little to dump because the site sits behind a curve and the hose has to go over. Used levelers to raise van and that helped a little. The owner was very friendly.

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Dump station next to car wash building, 24h/7days a week, 10$ for dump and

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A gets-the-job-done spot for dumping tanks. it was hard to find the sewer hole at first. It's at the front of the car wash, right as you enter from the main road. It's nestled in between the bushes with a water spigot in the wall and a sign about paying above it. Payment is via the honor system although I honestly couldn't figure out where to leave it.

I don't know if the water is potable, but it's at least good enough for rinsing. They also have bays big enough to wash your RV if you're into that, including stairs to help you wash the roof etc. All coin operated though.

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$10 dump Station at south end of the wash building.

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