Gas Station 'Velez' | Fuel Station



Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: -18.12306, -63.95723
Altitude: 1347.1 masl


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Filled up jerry cans for local price 3.74


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Filled a jerry can at local price with no problems here, banos available too.

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Mechanic recommend near this gas station!!

After we got our engine light on we wanted to get as fast as we can for a mechanic (we was at samaipata and it was Sunday...)
We arrived to miarana and found this nice place that agreed to help us. Location-
(-18.1240144, -63.9586174)

Running by father and his son (Braien). He reset our computer and the light shut down (he explained to us that it can happen when the memory of the computer gets full). And then they also helped us to fix a little problem we got in our wheel. They both was really helpful and nice and also professional.
Maybe the bast option you have in this area.
(Not sure the coordinares are correct - to arrive - take left from the main street just after the Es velez gas station and after 100 m it will be on your left you will see just a house with a lot of car parts and cars that park there waiting to be fixed.

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2 x 20l bidones at local rate.. the nice attendant didn't seem bothered at all and would have kept going if we'd needed more

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And again today. Jerry cans at local price

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confirm. jerry can fill up for local price.

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local price with cans.we tiped but wasn't expected

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Filled up jerry cans for local price.

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