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Multiple bathroom stalls and 4 showers. Access from Linden street so you don’t need to pay $10 for parking in the lot.


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We didnt find any hot showers at the marked location. only outside showers but they didn't work. we asked at the entrance and they said that hot showers are only available for registered campers (10$ per person). They said we could use cold showers, but we didn't try them.

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Good warm showers. 1$ = 2 tokens = little more then 2 min. The state Beach fee takers let’s you park in the 15 min area.

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Super nice warm shower. You can park on the street and walk to the shower directly. 5$ = 10 tokens = 20mn!

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Street parking when the first come first served lots/campground is full. The sign says 2 hour parking from 0900-1800 and no parking Tuesday’s 0900-1100 for street cleaning. Right by the beach. A little traffic overnight but not unbearable. Safe. No hassles

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I experienced it to be quite difficult to get a warm, not too expensive, shower in this area. So I was very happy when I found this one! You can park for free at the street someone else mentioned before. Then get tokens at the reception, there is a machine behind the reception. It takes dollars or card. When you use your card, it automatically gives you 10 tokens = 20 minutes, for 5d. The shower wasnt too clean, so bring your sandals, but it is was nice and warm. (and I timed the tokens, they really last 2 minutes ;))

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free cold outdoor showedlra. could not find the hot showers but I didn't look that hard. it was a nice day.

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Outdoor showers at the state park. The campground has indoor hot shower stalls. You have to get tokens at the front of the campground at a kiosk and no one said anything to us. We each put in enough tokens for a 10 minute shower and it stopped after 2 minutes. We didn’t complain since we weren’t actually camping there but it was annoying.

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Multiple bathroom stalls and 4 showers. Access from the street so you don’t need to pay for parking in the lot.

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