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This is a private property with a stunning view and incredible sunsets. Close to the surf and all the restaurants. Being on the top of the hill, there is always a nice breeze so it is much cooler than camping on the beach.
There is a common use palapa for eating, resting or working with the most stunning view. Very fast WIFI signal! Shower, dry composting toilet, fire pit, bbq, hammocks, fridge, surfboard rentals.
There are several camping spots. 400 pesos per night or 500 with electricity hook up. Pet friendly. They have 4 dogs, a cat and a turtle.


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Nestled amidst the sand dunes of La Fortuna, the Sustainable Camper offers a truly unique and eco-friendly experience for travelers seeking to connect with nature without leaving a carbon footprint.

From the moment you arrive, you're greeted with a sense of tranquility and harmony with the surroundings. The campsite is thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind, featuring composting toilets, solar-powered showers, and gorgeous veggie patch!

The camper itself is a cozy haven, blending rustic charm with modern amenities, But perhaps the most enchanting aspect of the Sustainable Camper is its commitment to preserving the natural beauty of La Fortuna. Guests are encouraged to explore the beautiful landscape and beach while respecting the delicate ecosystem. Jaime and Mel are passionate and eager to create a tranquil setting. I had amazing conversations with them around the bonfire as well as getting to meet and play with their 4 gorgeous dogs! They might have been the highlight of my trip.

Overall, my stay at the Camper was nothing short of magical. It's more than just a place to rest your head—it's a sanctuary for those who care about the planet and want to tread lightly on it. I can't wait to return and immerse myself once again in the beauty of La Fortuna, knowing that I'm leaving behind only footprints in the sand.

So grateful to Jaime and Mel for their incredible hospitality!

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Best Surf Spot on the east cape. This place has everything you need to have an amazing surf vacation just outside of San Jose del Cabo. There is a handful of awesome surf breaks located just a walk down the hill, a small store near by and some nice restaurants too. The place has a scenic view as its located on the top of the arroyo, hot shower, hangout area, tenting an RV accommodations. During my stay we made an deadly seafood paella with home grown tomatoes. Thanks Mel and Jaime for the hospitality; you made me feel welcomed and ill definitely come back.

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Time stop when you're there 😵‍💫
We spent 4 days in the camp and decided to extend one more nights to enjoy the atmosphere of the location and spend more time in the pleasant Alaia camp ground who afforded everything we needed; camper fully furnished (Amazing bed!!) best view ever for wake up.
Jaime and his wife were always available we needed it and made us feel comfortable.

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I had the chance to stay at Alaia while on a surf trip to east cape. Lovely host family with 4 nice dogs and a cat. Nice view of la fortuna surf break, best out house, very clean 🌟. Hot shower & cold plunge to refresh. It was great to come back from the surf, rest in a hamac and in the shade with great breeze. Great location with a store, a 2 min walk, delicious sushi restaurant. I got to watch sunrise & sunset. I loved that there was shade in the morning to practice my yoga with Ocean view. Just 10min drive to 9 🌴 palms surf break. Surf board rental
If u r looking for a quiet place to hang out during your east cape venture and want to be off the beach, this is the place.👌

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Amazing spot, amazing owners, and also, amazing dogs! Hanging around the camper, with such a beautiful view and a short walk to the beach was a great experience. The owners were kind and very helpful, they even let us burrow a couple of surf boards to try out on the beach. Would visit again 100%!

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¡My stay was amazing! Jaime and Melany are wonderful hosts, they have four lovely dogs and their cat Chamoy is the best. They have them quite well educated and they respect all time. The view they have of the sea is incredible, plus everything is impeccable, the bathroom is perfect, they have hot water, very good internet. The camper has everything you need and the camping area is perfect. They also have surfboards for rent and the waves are so good for spending the morning surfing. Jaime and Mel were attentive to us at all times and also gave us delicious tomatoes from their garden. I definitely want to return and highly recommend it.

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I stayed here for the month of February and it was terrific. Good hosts, clean toilet, hot shower, good wifi and spectacular views and sunsets. And oh yea ... I absolutely loved the dogs. Don't let Karen change your mind.

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Here now, absolutely stunning place to post up for a few days. Sitting on our chairs after a fun surf and watching humpback whales breaching and spinning mid air.

Top of the hill view of the ocean, level site, hard packed road, easy to find. Owner, Jaime, helped us navigate an alternate route from San Jose del Cabo after a "forest" fire caused the main bridge/highway to be closed. He greeted us and helped us to our site, showed us around. He speaks English and takes great pride in his land and it shows.

Per the aggressive dog comments, the previous poster said that she "opened an unlocked gate because there was no sign indicating otherwise." Why would anyone do that on private property, let alone in a foreign country with her children on board? Dogs are great protectors, and she's lucky it was only a bite to her calf after trespassing.

There are four dogs here and they're all very sweet and will only bother you to get petted and play fetch. They have two dogs which they said can be aggressive with other dogs, and Jaime was glad to keep theirs leashed during our stay with our dog. We ended up introducing our dog to theirs and they got along wonderfully and our dog was actually the happiest he's been in months, howling and barking in excitement to be part of a pack.

The wave here is fun, albeit it's a small reef break with one obviously good peak and can get crowded. I rented a board from our host and surfed a waist high swell at sunrise with two other people out. One fellow was hogging waves and yelling when he missed a wave, but the rest of us laughed it off and just enjoyed the break. Watch out for sea urchins, there are many here. I now have a "Baja tattoo" on my left foot.

Shower is hot, composting toilet is cool, ask for a couple of their home grown tomatoes, they're great.

If we weren't running out of pesos we'd totally stay a week. Owner uses WhatsApp and responds quickly.

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Stay away from this insane place: very dangerous dog on below...

We read all the nice comments about his place, so dispict the higher price point, we decided to take a break and stop here for 2 days with my husband and 2 kids.

We arrived at 4h30, there was no cell reception and no internet bar to check their website. No phone number was available to call anywhere, either.

We parked on the opposite side of the road. My husband stayed in our car with the kids, and I went to the main blue door that was closed, to check-in.
I open the basic door lock since no indications said otherwise, and close it back behind me to repect the privacy of the place. I started walking 2-3 meters, saying, "Ola! Buenos tardes" to announce my presence in the campsite.

Then, one white dog began barking at me, and instantly, another black one arrived with a super agressive behaviour. He ran towards me, growling aggressively and barking. Of course, I stopped immediately walking and stared to back up (not turning my back as I still wanted to see the dog). In no time, the dog was at me, barking, and he caught me by the calf and bit me (please see picture). 😢  The dog had a very clear intention to hurt me. He was extremely aggressive, and his attack was not a selt defence type, but clearly, he was going to rip me off if I stayed a minute more.
I totally panicked, and instead of trying to open back the gate that I had gently closed behind me out of respect, I jumped behind it as fast as I could to escape the crazy dangerous dog that I just bit me and was going to do it again (he kept growling and barking after biting me).

The owner saw me from the other side of the road. He was with a young woman. They pointed out the phone and told me that I needed to call....very ironic to ask for this when you provided no phone number and when there is no cell reception. 2 employees on the roof were laughing at me. The owner of the campground didn't even come to say that they were sorry (he asked me if the dog bit me, which I said yes).

There's no need to say that we didn't stay here.
Don't trust the previous comments saying the dogs or the owner are nice....the dogs are dangerous and would be put down for displaying such dangerous behaviour and biting people in another country. Thankfully, our young kids were not with me when it happened. They still got very scared for me as I was in lots of pain and shocked afterwards.


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we stayed here for two nights. we were able to set up our laptops in the palapa and use wifi to do some work between surf sessions. hot water showers and composting toilets. view of the beach from where we camped was nice - we could decide if we wanted to surf without walking down to check out waves.

I used WhatsApp to message Jaime before arriving >> 34 646 44 82 92

there are lots of dogs there, so we had to keep ours leashed and in our campsite. we exercised her at the beach.

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We had an seen an impressive sunset in the desert of Fortuna Bay! We enjoyed the hot open air shower, the pit toilet is used with sawdust and is very clean!

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We stayed here for three nights and enjoyed the lovely view from above and watching the whales and surfers. It is a very special place, we can highly recommend this small RV Park. The host Jaime and his wife are very helpful and friendly, we felt highly welcomed. Jaime catches some fish and we got a big piece of the delicious Wahoo fish, thanks!!
The campground is also fine for one/two big RV‘s, we had a 20-tons-weight truck!!

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We are sleeping just below the campground. Off season, no reservations so we should have called first, they are out of town and campground entrance locked. The warning is not about the campground it’s about the sand road to get here! Bad shape for a big heavy rig… we are in a truckcamper and bounced all over. The camper even moved over one huge pothole.

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Solid spot with nice hosts and equally nice dogs. Our rig is fully self contained with everything they offer so it’s a bit of a waste but I didn’t want to hunt for a beach spot not knowing the area. If you’re like us, you should be fine on any beach.

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We had a great night here- views are beautiful, and it’s a short walk to La Fortuna, Zai sushi, and Shade. Compost toilets & hot shower! Mel was a lovely host, would def come back.

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This is our third time staying at Alaia for a surf trip.
Not sure what the last comment is about but definitely none of it is true!! Jaime and Mel are i credible hosts, they always are around checking in to make sure everything is fine and to see if we need anything. Their 4 dogs are very friendly and will come with you to the beach. (They do steal shoes sometimes so watch what you leave out) the view from the property is breathtaking, the palapa area very comfortable, clean bathroom and HOT outdoor shower. We recommend this spot to everyone on the east cape! There isnt any construction happening on the property.
People need to remember that this spot is completely off the grid. Water is trucked in from san jose, electricity is all solar and battery powered, and the wifi is sent via repeaters. For being fully offgrid and offering everything they do 400 pesos is a good deal.
People like to complain about anything though, dont they??
Good to message ahead of time to reserve a spot.

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we came because of all the good comments and for wifi and showers. but what we have experienced is a bit different. one of the 'host' took the money and left in her trailer. didn't come out during our stay once. the other host was nowhere to be seen and there were no dogs either. so not sure if we are talking about the same hosts.

construction on the property and also on all the neighbouring properties. showers didn't work, we were told to use the garden hose. for 20 usd you could definitely expect more than that.

totally overpriced for what you get. the only good thing is the (sometimes) fast internet

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Very nice place, overlooking the Bay. Beautiful sunset & sunrise from up here!
very nice hosts! Friendly dogs

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As others say, this is a lovely spot and Jaime and Mel are super nice. It’s a little pricey at 400P given the limited facilities. Nice clean compost toilet, cold water outdoor shower, excellent WiFi, water (but we were told it wasn’t suitable for drinking). But still, we enjoyed our stay here and would recommend it. The surf break down the hill is fun but not suited to beginners.

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What a find! Just up the hill/walking distance to La Fortuna/Zai. Super chill spot with great hosts, Jamie, Mel and the 4 dogs. Don’t be intimidated by the dogs, you will love them after their initial protective greeting.

Jaime and Mel were more than accommodating! They let us borrow propane which we ran out of, helped us troubleshoot our solar/battery issues and on top of that gave my girlfriend a surf lesson.

We stayed for 3 nights and we’re delighted to spectacular views, great outdoor showers (ambient temp) which was nice on a hot day. Strong wifi, with a composting toilet, 100% off grid, and sustainable. Also up on a hill with breeze to keep bugs away. Check ahead and Reserve in advance as there are only a handful of spots.

+52 624 137 7329

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We had a great stay with Jamie and Mel! we took a surf lesson with Jamie which was awesome and definitely progressed our surfing ability. Mel was great with our toddler and kept him happy with a chalk board and baked treats! the shower was great for cooling down and our dog got along well with theirs. If you're looking to do some surfing on the east cape and want some local intel, this is the spot!

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Pretty basic but nice. 400 pesos for camping includes wifi, cold shower & shaded palapa area with power. 4 awesome dogs live here as well.

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Cool Campround. Hard to find but worth it!!! If u need help to find the way, Haime (Host) will help you. 20$ per Night - Amazing Starsky at Night included :)

For more pictures & Inspo @jackyandkonsti

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The east cape is our favorite place in souther Baja, but there aren’t any amenities, until now!!
This place is quite spectacular. Amazing views of the surf and well kept grounds.
Mel and Jaime are great hosts and where very helpful the 5 nights we stayed.
The composting toilet is kept very clean. We had very fast wifi, all the water we wanted and electricity to plug into when needed. The campground has a convenience store eight across the street to stock up on beer or ice. Talk about convenience!!.
They have 4 beautiful dogs and a cat, all very friendly.
We hired Jaime to be our surf guide, he showed us some lesser visited surf spots and coached us in the water. We paid $20usd per night for our van and it was well worth it. We will be back through here again soon! Thank you!

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We had a beautiful stay with Jaime and Mel. The place is perfect for camping with breathtaking views of the ocean and the mountains. We liked their composting toilet with a view. Jaime also rents out surfboards which was great for us. The shower is not ready yet but they have two big water tanks and a hose with high pressure which is better than some showers! They're planning to build a real shower soon. We paid 150 pesos per person. For us it was quite expensive after beeing on mainland México but the whole area seems to be more expensive. I added a picture from their stunning view and their cute dogs.

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Jaime and Mel are super accommodating hosts! A great place to recharge if you’ve been on the road for a while. Very quiet. Cute dogs.
It should be noted that they do have STRONG WiFi available here- a luxury on the east cape!. I stayed a few times at their spot and worked/took video calls without any problem. $15/night to stay. WhatsApp before going to be sure he has a spot for you. He can also teach you to surf if you’re looking to get out. +34 646 44 82 92

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This is a private property with a stunning view and stunning sunsets.
Being on the top of the hill there is always a nice breeze so it is much cooler than camping on the beach.
There is a small outdoor kitchen with a shaded area for eating and resting in hammocks.

You will get a weak cell phone signal most of the time here which is a huge bonus out on the cape.
Outdoor toilet and fresh water available.
They have a really nice trailer they rent nightly as well.
150 pesos per person per night.
Water fill up and electricity at extra cost.
They are building their amenities up now, so might have more things when you go.

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