Hua Hum - Argentina Border | Customs and Immigration



Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: -40.11354, -71.66345
Altitude: 659.0 masl


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Route 43 from San Martin de Los Andes, crossing into Chile by road and then ferry.

Come with Argentina insurance.


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They asked for our insurance. We only have the standard Chilean SOAT for our Chilean vehicle. We told them we didn’t have a problem in our last three crossings from Chile to Argentina (we didn’t) and they said the police won’t accept this. I showed her all my passport stamps. We’ve had two stops by police in Argentina previously and they’ve accepted it as proof of seguro. Maybe we’ve just been lucky so far. In any case, we asked if it’s possible to buy insurance here. They said no. And I said, there’s no celular service here to buy online. No. So we stare at each other for a few moments and I kind of shrug my shoulders at the lady and smile hoping she’s not going to make us take the ferry back. So she let us cross. Her partner made some jokes with us. They were very friendly and didn’t seem to know exactly what the specific requirements are... so you can probably get lucky like us if you find yourself here unprepared. We will research the requirements when we reach the next town.

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Entering Argentina was quick with no problems. They asked to see the insurance and briefly looked in the car, asked us to open some drawers and the fridge but didn't really went through our stuff. Asked us if we had fish, meat, fruits etc. (we didn't). We had an empty spair gas tank on the roof of the car, they asked about it but didn't ask us to actually take it down or anything.

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Flawless process entering Argentina. They didn’t look in our Camioneta at all so we could have smuggled tons of drugs or even fresh food, unfortunately we did not;-).

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Chile —> Argentina

Very fast. Did require proof of insurance and checked our van, took lettuce, a cut onion, and opened butter. All took less than 15 minutes.

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Chile to Argentina
Friendly and efficient people
No check of the car
Easy and very fast

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Fast exit from Argentina, no queue, friendly staff reminded us of the time difference as Chile is an hour behind at this time of year

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They are very strict on fruit, vegetables, meat etc. We had to throw everything away.

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Quiet and easy border crossing. We were asked for proof of insurance. Showed our car insurance document and were on our way in 15 min right into Lanin National Park.

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Route 43 from San Martin de Los Andes, crossing into Chile by road and then ferry.

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