Dirt pull off | Overnight Prohibited

United States


about 2 years ago
1544.3 masl


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Moderator Note: Overnight parking/camping is not permitted here. Please respect the wishes of the locals.


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This is a neighborhood, next to an elementary school. In a state with unbelievably easy national forest and camping access, this is plain lazy, and is angering local residents due to the 3-4 vans that have started to block the road. Please delete this, as it’s not even a boondocking site.

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This is a neighborhood, and is right next to an elementary school. Neighbors have complained, as people have been sprawling near the road with dogs/camping items. In a state with incredible free camping and access to natl forest, this is just lazy and leads to a higher police presence in our small community which we don’t want.

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This place is permanently closed.

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Dirt pull off right on the side of the road. It can fit 2-3 vans, maybe 4 smaller vehicles. This is right on the (quiet) road and right by an elementary school, fyi.

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pin takes you to the local elementary school

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Large dirt pull off enough to fit several vans. On the way to the local crag in Bear Canyon. Stayed a night after finishing climbing late. Wasn’t bothered. Quiet.

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