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Hotel Playa Reina


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we are a beach hotel that has availability to campers, with benefits for your comfort when visiting the southern coast of Veraguas.
Somos un hotel de playa que tiene disponible para el Viajero de carro casa, con beneficios para su comodidad al momento de visitar la costa sur de Veraguas.


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Highly recommend camping here. $15/night. It’s a beautiful, peaceful location right on the Pacific. While the nearby beach isn’t particularly pretty, there are tide pools to explore and waves for surfing. Most importantly, the view is just really nice. Had lunch at the restaurant twice, both good. Happy hour is the best. The Tanqueray gin and tonic is surprisingly good and only $2.50. Tried our friend’s virgin piña colada and it was delicious. Bathrooms and cold shower are clean. Kitchen is nice, with a double sink, gas stove, and a few pots, pans, and assorted cookware. There is also a water faucet near the camping area. We were able to park on gravel/grass in the back and avoid the mud. Note that little seeds fall from the tree and leave brown color on awnings, etc. No biggie. There are, however, some dead tree limbs you’ll want to avoid parking under. Swimming pool is clean and beautiful! What a treat. Play structure for littles with swings. The one downside are the sand flies. They were worse than anywhere on our trip so far, more so near the end of our stay when it had been raining constantly. Still glad we found this place.

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stayed a couple of nights, really good stop with all you need (kitchen, pool, sea, happy hour, cold shower and toilet). kitchen could be cleaner!
happy hour is 2 cocktails for 5$ so good value, don't bother with the margarita, have the piña colada :)

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Stayed here for three nights. Very nice place with the amenities you previous poster already mentioned. Great happy hour drinks. Food was meh. Was trying to fill up our water tank before leaving but pressure was too low to push through inline filter... 😀

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Nice hotel/restaurant right in front of the surf. We camped in our truck for $15/night. They have wifi, clean shower and toilet. We were also able to plug in which was great considering the mostly cloudy and rainy days weren’t letting us get a proper battery charge. There’s also a kitchen one can use. Staff is really friendly. There is a nice lounging area at the restaurant as well as a pool overlooking the beach. The only challenge, depending on the season, can be sand flies. Other than that, it’s definitely a pleasant place to stay.

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Somos un hotel de playa que tiene disponible para el Viajero de carro casa, con beneficios para su comodidad al momento de visitar la costa sur de Veraguas.

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