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4 months ago
4.0 masl


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gas station at pump 2 & 21 is a water spigot that is completely free.


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pump 2 & 21 have water hookups. no issues, easy peasy

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Filled up with water by pump 21 with no issues. Nice gas station, clean bathrooms.

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Awesome spot to refill. Insanely fast high water pressure. Spigot between pumps 1/2 and 21/22 (which is well hidden behind some signage) see pic.

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just pulled 15 gallons of water at pump 1. thanks for putting this on the map.

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Amazing water spout. Great pressure. Washed a few dishes and things. Perfect spot

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Can confirm water at pumps 2 & 21. Not sure if it’s supposed to be potable or not but it doesn’t glow.

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gas station at pump 2 is a water spigot that is completely free.

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