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In the CORREO, Argentina, Av. del Libertador, You get max. 180.000 ARS, open 9-13 hours, Monday - Friday


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Still 180.000ARS limit and need passport copy. Open for WU at 10am, there was a line already form by 8:30am- we hopped on at just before 9 and waited for about 2 hours. they seem to run out of money by mid day

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Think it’s luck of the draw for how long you will wait- went on a Monday at 11am and waited two hours in the queue which moved incredibly slowly. (About 30 people)
You DO need the passport copy - we had to get this from a little kiosco 1 block away. And the limit is 180,000ARS.

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Had a very smooth experience here. Rushed over after arriving at 12:50 at the bus terminal thinking that it closed at 1:30 (the time according to google). Got there and had no lineup. Signs were taped up saying that western union had no cash. But we were able to take out 60k. I think we may have been able to get more. Got charged 100 pesos to get a passport photocopy while I was there. Our cash was mainly 500 peso bills, and some 1000 peso bills.
Overall very fortunate to have had such a good experience.

Some delay before she started helping us out, and the apparent 60k limit.

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Came there at 4 pm told me to come back at 9 in the morning. Withdrawal of 180 000 Ars max/ day/ person. Come with Id AND copy of it that they are going to keep (from what i understood). But western union rate is indeed better (1/392 today) instead of 1/365 in town)

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office is here, in the correo office, long line as early as 8am

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This location is correct (post office) Situation as of today: 12/12/22: Post office opens at 9, Western Union Desk only at 11 (not sure whether this is exceptional or not. In reality they only started at 11:45. We were there for 5h from 8am till almost 1pm and eventually got the cash. Limit is 60K ARS/pp If you are not in dire need it may be smarter to come in the afternoon to avoid standing in line all day We also went to the cloths shop "bensof" one block from here and they said they would have cash at 4 even though they had a paper on window saying "no cash". As of 13/12 the post office is asking to bring a printed copy of your passport. Not sure they will send you back jf you don't have one but they sounded serious.

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at -50.33831, -72.26492

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In CORREO Argentina, Av. del Libertador, You get max. 60.000 ARS, open 8 -14.30hour, Monday - Friday

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