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6 months ago
945.2 masl



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Ask at the museum to find the place.
2$ per shower.
2$ washing machine.
2$ drying machine.

UPDATE 2022: $3 now.


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They have a limited supply of water here, so not the place to take long showers. Also the water pressure is low.

You can take a quick shower for as low as $1. One dollar should last you 4-5 minutes. If you need more time, insert another coin. You can get change at the museum.

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Still available and guy at Museum said it us open 24/7. same prices. Sign says don't shower when both washers are in use. Added photo.

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Ask at the muséum to found the place, there’s is not a big city but ask
2$ per shower
2$ washing machine
2$ drying machine

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