Vitus Gas Station | Laundromat

United States


7 months ago
648.7 masl


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New washers ($5) and dryers ($2.5). Also shower is available for $5 for 20 minutes. Potable water.


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Gas/Diesel station with propane refill and potable water beside the building close to diesel pump with green hose. Large potholes to get in

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Gas, propane, laundry, shower, potable water

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Diesel 5,10 $ / gallon
Hose on left side to refil water tank for free.

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Asked and told ok to use water hose on side of building to fill tank.

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Pretty fancy laundromat with 4 large washers and 4 dryers. TV, place to sit, bathrooms. While you're laundry is in go upstairs and get yourself a pour your own soft serve ice cream cone for $2.

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New washers ($5) and dryers ($2.5). Also shower is abailable for $5 for 20 minutes.

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