Greycliff Rest Area Eastbound | Water

United States


6 months ago
959.4 masl


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There is a water spigot in the east end of the rest stop.


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free and clean. spigot right at the dog Park.

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Great place to stop! Doesn’t allow camping in a tent but you can sleep in your vehicle. Inside the bathrooms are individual and lock. No showers, but there is a sink and toilet, an electrical outlet where you can plug in and charge your items, and no one will be able to access you. 4-5 womens bathrooms and about 4-5 mens. Dog park too but watch for rattlesnakes. There have been sightings.

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Fresh water, toilets, plenty parking. Just a short rest place. Sunny exposure.

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There is a water spigot in the east end of the rest stop

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