Silverthorne Rec Center | Showers

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27 days ago
2669.8 masl



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$5 showers. Hot, clean, soap provided, hair dryer. can rent towels.
Wifi in reception area.


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Shower passes are back (very recently, according to the lady behind the desk). They're $8 now.

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showers still unavailable but the hostel across the street has showers for 10$ (called The Pad)

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Sign on the front doors stating showers unavailable until further notice. Assuming it’s because of the renovations going on.

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Showers unavailable because of renovations, no date for when they’ll be working again. Call and ask before you come

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great facility, still $5.00. a lot of renovations.

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$5 shower pass. Lots of shower stalls with unlimited time!

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Great facility. Undergoing significant renovations while we were here.

Showers still $5. Towel rental $2.50. Daypass $14

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“We absolutely have public showers” at check in desk. They didn’t give me a pass or receipt or anything and just sent me to the showers. They are in the locker room and it’s 5$ still. They are under construction right now, but still have access to locker room and other amenities here for the gym folks.

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$5 showers. Clean and unlimited. Hairdryers and can use wifi in the reception area.

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Showers $5, Towel $2.5
Very clean, individual stalls, great shower!

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$5 showers. Hot, clean stalls, soap provided. locker room situation bring a lock. No hair dryer. Unsure if they rent towels

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