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Novel business offering multiple services related to water, including several that are useful to RV travelers.
Nice place with WiFi - self-serve laundry; DIY car wash (2 bays - 10ft 4in height - cash or credit card) ; RV fresh potable (municipal) water fill-up service ($5; accessed at the side of the building) and bottled drinking water purchase.
Building is on a slight slope but any large Class B or small C should be able to get in.

The Water Market
237 Victoria Road, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0 Canada
(902) 634-4755


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I filled up six 1-gallon jugs at $0.50 each as well as the RV tank for $5.

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Great spot to get a lot done! We only used their RV filling area. It cost us each $5 CA to fill our vans’ water tanks. You have to bring your own hose. This place is a gem. There’s a laundromat and a car wash and you can buy anything you need in the water department. If it added a dump station, it would be the perfect travelers’ spot.

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It's easy to get water. It's a regulary RV water filling point. Pay 5CAD. Friendly assistants will help you.

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Useful place for multiple services. Did an RV water fill up; DIY Class B RV wash and vacuum.

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Called today - services include $5 RV fill of good water….

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nice place , drinkable water, self car wash , shop vac . and rv fill up

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