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3 months ago
47.3 masl


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READ COMMENTS, nothing wrong with this ferry.


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same experience as before... they forced us to pay in CFA which is almost double price. no way to discuss as they told us it's the authority in the capital to make the rules... but I don't think it's true at all.. however I would try to avoid it next time. in the end it's just some few Euro we are talking about...

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Prices ferry 2023 in photo’s. Ferry is active, some people will tell you it’s not, but that’s only so you stay in their homestay.

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They definitely scammed us here but there was no way around for us. While the price list says 200 dalasi or 3000 CFA for our Land Cruiser, they didn’t let us pay in dalasi. They said they only take CFA because we didn’t have a Gambian license plate. Only vehicles with Gambian license plates may pay in dalasi. Tried to wait it out but they didn’t move at all. After we payed in CFA they wanted more money for the person in the passenger seat but I refused and they let us roll onto the ferry.

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Ferry goes without schedule, just arrive and wait until there are minimum 3 vehicles on both sides (could be 1 on one side and 2 on the other). Price 30 dalasi for motorcycle + rider.

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Bike and rider 20 DAL good to get to yhe south there’sshops here

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Well, I guess it’s the attitude that turns normal situations into problems. There is a pricelist with prices in both currencies. Everything very clear, nobody tried to overcharge us, we payed in Dalasi. Very relaxed atmosphere, very friendly people. Don’t let your travel plans be changed by other people’s attitude and problems…

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We had no problem at all with this ferry place. We have a Toyota Landcruiser and payed 100D for the car and one of us (driver). Per person extra it’s 10D. So total for 2 persons, 1 car = 110D.
At the ferry place there is a blue container, you can get the ticket over there.

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Avoid this ferry crossing, if it is not absolutely necessary for you to take this way! They want foreigners to pay in CFA instead of Dalasi for some bullshit reason and we had long discussions about the price. For our 3.5t vehicle, which is similar to the local bush taxis, they wanted to charge us 10 000 CFA, with a receipt "of course". However, this is the price for a 48+ passenger bus. They tried to imagine so many reasons, why we should pay a higher price. The best ones are, that they do not have our type of car in Gambia and the other one was as we are white we need to pay more than everyone else.

At first local people didn't want to tell us the prices because they know the practice of the ferry company, but after talking to a few of them someone told us the price for a normal car is 100 Dalasi and 200-250 for vans and transporters, so it should not be more than 3000 CFA. Official looking people will tell you about their ticket system, but they do not want you to see a price list.
Don't get yourself ripped off here and do not support their corruptive behavior! About 90km further upstream is a bridge and we were told the region is also very beautiful and worth a visit.

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