Buttonwillow Rest Stop | Water

United States


about 2 months ago
53.2 masl


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Water spigot on the sidewalk near the vending machines.


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Bottle fill at restrooms, but there is not a functional spigot to fill up your vehicle

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Southbound rest stop . Lots of space, lots of trucks, highway traffic noise. Well lit and has nice green space and trees.

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This rest stop is open currently. there's one sign at the very beginning that says no overnight parking but no other signs are posted that I can see. it seems fairly well maintained but it's really only sort of clean.

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There's 2 water spigot at 50 feet distance from each other, both shut down, no water available. 🚱

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I5 Buttonwillow rest stop remodeled rest area, water spigot, vending machines, picnic benches. Surprisingly, quiet last nite.

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Decent place to spend the night, also for RVs. You will hear i5 traffic though.

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This is for filling bottles only, the spicket that can attach to a hose is turned off.

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water spigot on the sidewalk near the vending machines

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