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Pisco factory with tours in spanish and English, CH$4000pp with a small tasting at the end. Bar area and shop as well. Easily accessible from Vicuña.


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We were the only ones nd had a privat tour in spanish. The guide speaks really proper spanish so we understood almost everything! We really enjoey the tour even if we dont like pisco.

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Wir haben die Cocktailtour gemacht und würden nur noch die Tour Capel empfehlen. Günstiger und man kriegt mehr. Bei der Cocktailtour macht man einen Cocktail und kann keinen Pisco pur probieren. Das Geschenk ist ein Messbecher...

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Came here for a tour and tasting. According to a staff member this is possible all day, every half hour. But somehow, she said we had to wait 45 mins ...? We asked if we could just do a tasting then. Not really, but she did offer us a small sip from one of their 40% piscos (for free). In the end, we didn't feel like waiting for the tour and decided to try our luck elsewhere. Place looked nice though, and includes a small museum. Unfortunately only possible to visit as part of a tour. Very cleans toilets!

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When we arrived arount 11 am only to get information about the tours, we got the chance to do a tour (CH$ 4‘000 pp) in English right away. Since we were the only ones (Friday, 11.25 am), we got a private tour. The tour includes a short video (introducing some of the families working for the cooperative CAPEL), walking through a little museum (old bottles, labels and others), visiting the distillery including two tastings (clear and one that aged in an oak barrel) -> you can keep the tasting glas as a present. The tour lasted longer than 45 minutes and Evie did a great job with a good sense of humour (please do not mix pisco with coca cola!😉). We would absolutely recommend this tour - good price for value!

PS: The harvest is in February and during this time there will be lots of festivals in the Elqui Valley!

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free and Open WiFi without password

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We had a tour with Evelyn. She speaks a very good english. (spend 3 years in Australia). We paid 4000 pp. for a very interesting tour.
The have a super good Pisco. Aged 3 years in American oak barrels. Highley recomended.

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Excellent tour guide Evie. Very knowledgeable and spoke good English. 4000pp and the tour lasted well over 45 mins. Mid week so no other English-speaking guests so had a 'private' tour.

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This distillery is the oldest and biggest one in Chile. They are daily tours (english and spain) and the poss. of tasting after the tour. price starts from 4000 peso p/p. for a 1/2 hr. tour. very interesting.

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4000 Peso/ Person for us was a good and friendly Tour. We were lucky and had a privat tour, one Guide and two of us. Including trying two different Piscos and we could take the Glases with us, it was a present.

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Pisco factory with tours in spanish and English, CH$2500pp with a small tasting at the end. Bar area and shop as well. Easily accessible from Vicuña.

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