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The Rec Center offers $2 showers in the morning and afternoon (see photos for times). Pretty decent, a few shower stalls available and quite clean. Day pass available for $4 and you can use the gym


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Visited twice and it was great, super good value, friendly reception, filtered water in the foyer area. showers were decent with single stall cubicles. shower hours were from 6am -11am for morning sessions and a separate afternoon slot (I think from 4?)

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Nice and clean, big parking lot on the other sidd of the building beside base-ball field that can accomodate any rig size. Parked there with a 25' travel trailer without any problem. The only thing is that shower only hours are a little bit restrictives, but I'm not complaining, it's $2 per person....

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Friendly staff, if you respect the shower times it’s great and clean. I was the only one in the showers.
Same price as described and same times.

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Showers are clean with hot water. $2 as stated, no problem.

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I just missed the shower times and they would only sell me a day pass if I was going to use the gym. The woman was skeptical when I said I would (and I did!), so I'd recommend not mentioning the shower pass if it's not in those hours and just asking for the day pass. Also, there are signs up saying the shower pass has a 30 min limit in the building, not sure if it's enforced

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As described. I ended up paying $4 for full facility access, even though I just needed a shower, because I was passing through outside of shower times (13:30). Bathroom was totally empty the whole time I was there.

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Still same price and hours. 2 bucks for all the hot water you can eat. Great deal, very nice people. Not the most modern and nice showers but at that price it's unbeatable.

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Showered here. It was $2 for 30 mins.
Check times of showers.

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As was described, friendly staff. I can recommend.

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The Rex Center offers $2 showers in the morning and afternoon (see photos for times). Pretty decent, a few shower stalls available and quite clean.

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