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Space specifically set out for 5 RVs, nothing to say you can’t park overnight so we stayed a couple. No one bothered us, 3 or 4 units here on 2nd night but plenty of room and quiet. Good for a walk along the Yukon river or into town. You also have the library next to it, for nice wifi and bathrooms.


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Very quiet the 2 nights we stayed here.
There still was the abandoned RV, as we're sleeping in a minivan, we parked on the car side to let big spaces for the big RVs (about 3 of them each night)
Spot is very well located, lit during the night and near the Yukon.

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Noisy and busy! this seemingly quiet spot by the Yukon river turned out to be very noisy with people, car horns, Harleys driving by etc. It started at 11 pm with 2 police cars stopped nearby in an apparent man hunt. I was told later by my young kids they watched the police arresting 2 teens. This was a thursday, fyi

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Nice long spots, right in town. Fit our 33’ of motorhome and trailer.

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Stayed here two nights without issue. Right on the water. Walked and rollerbladed the waterfront pathway a few times, checked out the bagel place down the street and the bakery (both really good!). There is a family of foxes that lives across the street that are not afraid to approach your vehicle so if you have dogs be careful - one got into a fight with my friends dog (both okay).

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Not sure this location is legit, but here we go! Got the last of five spots.
Quiet night, no interruptions. A sixth van pulled in behind another camper. Upon departing in the morning, noticed many campers at Real Canadian Superstore.

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We stayed here last night. Quiet spot with resident foxes across the street in an abandoned building. 5 bars of LTE with ATT. If you need to do laundry, Public Laundry is the place to go. Washers are $2.50 and dryers are 25 cents for 5 minutes. The other place in town was twice as much.

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Overnight parking worked out well here. Shared the parking area with three other vans and a motor home. During the day most of the spaces were occupied by non-RV’s despite the signs that stated RV parking only, but the non-RV’s cleared out around 6pm. Cute little foxes running around this area when we were here.

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We stayed here 4 nights. Still no signs prohibiting overnight. There was just one van that look abandoned. But a lit over vans came for one night. Very quite at night.
Walking distance to supermarkets, library and cycling trails. Good cell signal. Restrooms available in the library when open.

Nosotros nos quedamos aquí 4 noches. aún no hay signos prohibiendo dormir ahí. Solo había una van que parecía abandonada. Muchas otras vans vinieron a dormir aquí por una noche. Muy tranquilo en las noches.
Distancia caminable para ir al súper, a la librería y a los senderos del Río. Buena señal de celular. Sanitarios disponibles en la librería cuando está abierta.

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perfect spot if you like to be in walkable distant from everything. library, restaurants, bars. no snow, and nobody bother us for 4 nights.

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Space specifically set out for 5 RVs, nothing to say you can’t park overnight so we stayed a couple. No one bothered us, 3 or 4 units here on 2nd night but plenty room and all quiet. Good for a walk along the river or into town.

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