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Hi! I’m Maged and I live in Kuwait. I always like to meet new people and I can help you with laundry (you can use my machine+dryer) and shower. If you want I can also give you a tour around the city. It’s all free.

Normally I’m mostly active on Couchsurfing, but I’d love to meet overland travelers. Just give me a Whatsapp message: +96566679725.

Note: also you can use my address to receive your spare parts or mail. I will do my best always. I can help you to change oil. Or do any maintenance for car. Or wash car. I will give you the number of good people to help you.


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Absolutely gem of a host, even during a particularly busy work week for him. Highly recommend to contact him for whatever you may need. He's just so happy to support overlanders !

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Maged is maybe the nicest Person in Kuwait.
unfortunatly He was busy when WE we're there and was Not able to spend more Time with us, Bit He agreed to wash and dry all our laundry because He knows ITS Just a big Problem for overlanders!
we will definitly come Back when we enter Kuwait next time and Hope He IS free to Dinner or an excoursion

thank you for your Help Maged

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Today we visited Maged again and he is still the Couchsurf-hero of Kuwait. Very friendly and he helped us with the laundry. If you stop by: please give him a nice review. He really appreciates it!

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Maged is a super nice person. He helped us with a lot of things. We had to have a lot of things done to our truck: oil change, check various parts such as brakes, etc., replace leaf springs. Renew leaf springs.

He organised all the different workshops for us! We are incredibly grateful for his helpfulness! Unbelievable!

He really made Kuwait sweeter for us. We had a great time with Maged. Highly recommended - we say thank you!

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The most helpful person we met in Kuwait! Maged was so sweet to welcomed us stranger travelers to his home, where we were able to do our laundry and have a nice shower. Thank you for introducing us to the hospitality of Kuwait!

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We‘ve been at Mageds place and he is so super friendly! We could use the washing machine, dryer and shower! Maged is a super nice guy who is very helpful! Thank you so much for everything! Don’t hesitate, just text him and enjoy the hospitality :)

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Maged is a great host. We had a wonderful time visiting him. He is really welcoming and does everything to make you feel well in Kuwait. Highly recommended!

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We contacted Maged just before New Year's Eve and were very lucky to be able to attend one of his infamous desert camp party. An unforgettable experience for us adults but also for our children. The laundry service is top notch and their hospitality is legendary! A 5-star recommendation!

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We met Maged on a Couchsurfing meetup in Kuwait. He’s a super friendly/trustworthy guy that often hosts travelers from around the world. He offered us to use his washing machine/shower and gave us a great tour in the city. We are very thankful for his hospitality and would definitely recommend meeting up with him.

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Maged is normally a couchsurfing host, but when we met him, he immediately understood what an overlander needs. A shower and a washing machine! He let us use his apartment for the day, while he was at work. And after work he took us into the city. We had a great time together! He's a great example of the Arabic hospitality, and genuinely a good guy. So don't hesitate to contact him!

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