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Bandarabbas -Dubai


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Hello all travelers, welcome to IRAN
I'm an international tourguide that living in Bandar abbas,also I work in iran customs and ports as an official customs Clearance person.
So I can suggest to you our abilities and useful teamwork for saving time and energy here.
1-best of our services is various sea transportation that many ferry are available everyday
2-customs Clearance procedure will be done in 2 hours.
3-other tourguide help in the city,like: transfer to hotel and airport, buy tickets, reservations, exchange money, internet access are in our categories.
Please let me know, if you have decide to travel with calm and relax sense, it's essential because of arrange everything before, send a new message in my whatsapp number:+989174177103

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Hello and welcome to iran,

I'm abbas, official customs broker in Bandar abbas,
Please announce us befor you travel , it's just for arranging everything at the best time.
Documents that we have need for release your car or bikes from customs:

Carnet de passage/passport/visa
Passenger ferry and cargo ferry is available
Between Bandar abbas-Dubai

Telephone/whatsapp :


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