Island in the Sky Road BLM | Wild Camping

United States


Last Visited: about 1 month ago
GPS: 38.51096, -109.82059
Altitude: 1804.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Nice spot behind rocks. Near to Island in the Sky Canyonlands NP. Dirty road to get there. 4-wheele drive and high clearance needed do not attempt with a travel trailer or RV as the road is horrible and no way to turn around.


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High clearance and 4wd is recommended to get back to the site. Multiple site possibilities as there are two established fire rings. Spectacular views all around.

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Nice quiet spot. A high clearance vehicle is recommended due to the road being washed out in spots.

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very nice place right outside the park with a great sunset. other mention you need 4wd to get here. perhaps after a rainstorm but not under dry conditions. we've seen couple regular cars and made it here in a Ford Transit. further down the dirt road, I'd agree, 4wd is needed...

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Fantastic evening. 4wd is recommended. And road is off-camber in a few places. Sandy too in places

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Came here with my motorbike... Very hidden spot... Climbed the nearby rock for sunrise which was just mind-blowing... You need experience to do it by motorbike. Don't take the lower tracks... Lots of sandflies though...

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Great spot close to the park , can even see the visitor centre from bed !!!! I don’t know why people would spend the $15 a night in camp grounds when you can experience these great backcountry spots . Level sites , fire rings .

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Nice spot by a large rock/hill and under a nice tree. Sheltered from wind especially if you camp between your car and the tree. The turn off from the main dirt road gets hairy though. There’s a big dip at one point right now that only a high clearance vehicle could get by. Area is quite sandy and soft. AT&T gets a tiny bit of LTE service

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Great spot behind some rock formations. High clearance 4wd recommended. Nice and hidden. We stayed here for a night before heading to Shafer Trail/ White Rim Trail.

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about a mile back there is a small hill you can (with great difficulty) turn into with high dirt on either side and it was a narrow turn with our 25ft TT...there are more spots further down the road and to the left near large rock formations however the road was sandy and badly torn up, only someone in a high clearance vehicle or someone not towing a trailer could make it. Consequently, this is literally the only spot along this road that is feasible of you have an travel trailer or 5th wheel. And like I said it was very difficult to maneuver into. Thankfully there are some places along the road where you can drive into the grass and turn around otherwise we would have been in a very bad situation.

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PARENTHÈSE NOMADE...!!! Si vous lisez ceci, écrivez-nous sur Facebook Sandrine Montpetit ou sandrine.aime sur Instagram. On voyage avec nos 3 enfants (on est du Québec) depuis janvier dernier et on se rend compte que par hasard, on finit souvent à dormir aux mêmes endroits que vous! Comme si on vous suivait, hahaha! Bref, on est curieux et on se demande qui vous êtes. (On dort dans la forêt nationale du Grand Canyon présentement).

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Nice spot behind rocks. Near to Island in the Sky Canyonlands NP. Dirty road to get there. 4-wheele drive and high clearance needed.

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