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23 days ago
40.7 masl


Something not right?


CORRUPT POLICEMEN: put your catadryoptiques at the front and at the rear.


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Just say Hello and ask just for fun, if he can have the car.
So everything fine.

Nice people there.

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Today they just say "Hello" and let us go.
1 Minute stopp.

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Got stoped here on a Friday evening 6pm and 3 officers crowd around my window as ask who is driving. As if they cannot see. Then they quite aggressively try to tell us we can't drive in Ghana with a UK right hand drive car.

I explain we have been in the country for 3 weeks already and it's allowed, we have seen many police checkpoints. We are tourists, I showed them our TIP paper which clearly states we are allowed for 60 days.

They ask alot of silly questions trying to hold us for as long as possible, of course we have quick answered prepared. Realising that we were not going to give in, they let us go

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No one here when we passed on a Friday morning. Reflectors are no longer required by law

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This time, they were a bit tedious and asked about an international drivers license but let me go. No mention of my car's missing retroreflector strips.

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No one there at this checkpoint today and also two days before.

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CORRUPT POLICEMEN: put your catadryoptiques at the front and at the rear.

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