Chilean aduana | Customs and Immigration



9 months ago
1088.0 masl


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You make your exit from Chile here.
Bathrooms stay opened all the night, if u need one location to waiting the border open, here a good place, a little bit noise but it's ok for one night.


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There are 2 aduana locations on this road before the border. This one is for leaving Chile, and the one farther east is for entering Chile.
Very quick and efficient exit from Chile today, but pay attention - they almost forgot to stamp out one of our passports, until we reminded them.

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Lugar reto e tranquilo para passar a noite antes da fronteira.

Flat and calm area before the border.

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We Sleep in front of the Border Building with another people's waiting open in the next day at 8h am.
Bathrooms stay opened all the night.
A little bit noise, but ok to sleep one night.

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very friendly but they did their job! took our garlic, cebolla and honey! searched around 10 minutes for stuff in our car

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You make your exit from Chile here.

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