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Ancient cemetery just outside (500m) south of San Juan. 15B/person and absolutely worth the price. There are dozens of mummified human skeletons within the cemetery. The entry includes use of the bathrooms (quite clean) and a self-guided tour of the cemetery and museum.


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What a great spot! We visited the Museum and could stay with our Truck in the parking like ot! The guy who eorks at the Museum is really friendly and tried his best to explain everything well for our bad spanish. You can use the banos and He also offered Energy. Totally worth the entrance fee!

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Truly worth a short stop. Entrance fee: 15bob. Small but well done museum. You've got a guided tour with the entrance ticket.

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Was closed at 4pm on Satursday. Could see big rock blocks from the gate (same blocks can be seen few km after San Juan, on the road to Avaroa - dunnot know the difference with the necropolis).

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Very interesting place. Loads of information in the museum about the cemetery, the Inca folk and the location with its highly interesting history. Very much worth a stop.

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We arrived at 1pm on a Wednesday and no one was there. Had lunch and someone arrived at about 1:45 to let us in. Really interesting. Wish there was more written about it though. Kids had questions I could not answer!
Good flat place to camp if you need it. Suitable for large rigs.

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Interesting and informative museum on the grounds as well. Although small, it does a nice job explaining the anthropology and geography of the area.

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pre Inka cemetry, more than 20 tombs of coral stones, some in very good condition, it's worth to see, entry fee 15 BOL pP

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