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mission run vocational school that works mainly on Toyota and Land Rover.

going west (coming from mbaya) take the first left after the river, go in 100 meters and turn right.


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They may know smth about old Land Rovers but not about Pumas. We went to sort out a short somewhere in the indicators/hazards wirings. They checked fuses, trailer plug, etc. But we actually found the fault ourselves (it was a wire with its coating off at one spot under the right side bonnet wing). They fixed it and indicators and hazards work now and won’t blow fuses all the time. But — without us ourselves troubleshooting and also searching for the fault they would’ve ”checked the whole electrical system” (as they put it) and that could’ve taken several hours. Now it was fixed in ~1hr. But whatever you go to do here, do NOT leave your car out of your sight! And you should have a fairly clear view of what you’re looking for and where to be done. Anything could possibly happen.. Also, many guys in training came to see our car’s work — don’t let them do anything, they don’t have a clue. 2 guys (a supervisor and an older mechanic/electrician) worked on our car.
They said their hourly rate is 40.000Tsh. Working pace is really slow here, so be firm on how many hrs they’ll try to charge you.
These guys probably (again) can do a better job on Toyotas.

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not so much a land Rover shop anymore and more of a Toyota. Also, this is a vocational technical school. Be prepared to have 3+ people working on your car and a few more watching.

For us, had the u joints replaced; had to stay with the car to make sure it was done properly. they were only going to fix one (best to replace both at the same time). they initially installed the prop shaft backwards. had to push to get the parts, even then it took 3 hours. which by the way are highly overpriced. then had to argue their labor, they wanted to charge me for 6 hours, claiming that fetching parts is billable labor... got it down to a reasonable 2.

in short, watch everything being done to your car.

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had insufficient work on Friday. stuff was reduced and they made all but not the main things. stay with your car until you spoke with the supervisor! !!!!

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Still good, big garage, reliable. All kinds of off roads under repair. Not visible from main street. Opposite church on main road.

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We went with a Landrover and Toyota Prado and the service was great. They even cleaned our car!

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The Garage is professional and reliable.
They are fixing all kind of cars and trucks, but are specialised in Toyota and Landrover

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This place is highly recommendable for any issues with your car. We made a general checkup on our Landrover and engine oil change including oil-filter and other small repairs for 230'000 TSH.

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Seemed reliable and have good service. Can get a safari check for 35,000 - glad we did BC mec noticed that the brake cylinder was on its way out, and replaced some bushes. A bit pricey though, tried to charge us for 6 hours labour on the car between 12 and 5 (not only impossible, but no lunch break in Africa? please...) but at least the service was quick and we were back in the road.

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Great garage. They are specialised in Land Rover but fix all makes of 4x4. It's mission run and reliable.

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