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Vehicle insurance for Peru, it is next door to bus station. There is a row of buildings. If you want car insurance for Chile, go the row of buildings behind this building. In the corner.


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Came here and used Turismo Pachamama. Really professional in both providing me with SOAT cover for Peru and also printing of the Empresa De Transportes paperwork. They even filled it in from the computer using my passport details. Very good. Recommend 100%

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Got my Insurance from the first booth opposite money Exchange: 21000 for 1 month (would only have 6months as the next option)

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Soat Pérou nickel et rapide au terminal de bus

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We had no problems buying the insurance for 3 months for Chile for our Canadian plated van!
23.000 pesos
Super friendly and fast!
We also exchanged our remaining Soles at an okayish rate:)

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We could not buy Chile insurance for german motorhome. The other agency she gave us doesn't exist.

Two bikers of Colombia gave us the contact where we could buy insurance for Chile:

Hayde De La Cruz
+56 9 6448 6482

Write a WhatsApp to contact her.

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For us the system was down and they couldn’t give us SOAT. So we took the risk and drove to the Bolivian border without insurance.

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Able to buy Chilean SOAT at this location today with no problem. 108 soles for our van for 6 months. Friendly and quick staff. They sell SIM cards, make photocopies, laminations, and they bought the rest of our Peruvian soles at a good rate!

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They can do car insurance for Peru only. If you want car insurance for Chile go to building behind here. In the corner you will find SOAT for Chile.

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To get foreign car insurance come here. Outside the international bus station. Next to the bus station there is a line of booths. One has sign SOAT. 7 days $10.000, 1 week $$15.000, 6 months $21.000

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it may work for cars but not for big rigs. we couldn't get zone for our motorhome.

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insurance for peru here in international bus station

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