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almost 4 years ago
2789.0 masl


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Extremely delicious food! They have a lunch menu for 24bs that includes an appetizer, soup, choice out of 5 main courses (3 Thai recipes) and a dessert.
For this price, it was one of the best meals we had in South America!


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This place is permanently closed.

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Whoever thinks this place is a solid representation of Thai cuisine and is the best food probably has never actually eaten at a real Thai restaurant. Small portions, no flavor, and they forgot to bring us our soup. the service was good and the bathroom was nice for Bolivian standards. Nice ambience, good beer, but don’t expect amazing Thai food if that’s what you’re used to.

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maybe it's different for lunch but the dinner was bad.
the pad thai was made with fettuccine and had nothing to do with pad thai.
the house specialty (duck) was just a greasy mess.
dont expect anything resembling thai food here.
the only good thing about this place is the beer selection.

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Really solid Thai/Bolivian fusion dishes. 50-60 bob per plate for dinner.

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Delicious Menu del Día that included wontons as a snack, an excellent soup, a Thai, Chifa, Bolivian or Veg choice as main and espresso or fried fruit and ice cream for desert. Food was delicious, well presented and the service was top notch. Highly recommended. They also carry pretty much ever craft beer from Bolivia - 19Bols

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Lunch special was mediocre at best. Curry verde pork was too sweet and a very small portion. Chicken agridulce was little breaded strips with a minuscule amount of sauce. The chop suey had no flavor. The artisanal ginger soda was very good, 5B per glass.

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Excellent lunch menu! The wifi only works,in the front section of the restaurant, the [Password removed by moderator.]

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Delicious lunch menu for only 24 Bol. Fast wifi too, password is
[passwords are not allowed unless explicitly permited by the owner]
. Would definitely recommend, some local micro brew bottle selections too

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Great lunch menu for only 24 Bs! Starter, soup, main dish an dessert. It was so good that we went there twice.

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Nice tasty lunch menu for 24bs
+ 12bs for a liter of juice
Vegan option available

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Extremely delicious food! They have a lunch menu for 19bs that includes an apetizer, soup, choice out of 5 main courses (3 thai recepis) and a dessert.
For this price it was one of the best meals we had in South America!

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