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Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: -39.87175, -71.88943
Altitude: 613.0 masl
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17.940 CLP for Car
5.480 CLP for Motorcycle
990 CLP pp

15.12 - 31.03 - 5 departures from each port
01.04 - 01.10 - 3 departures from each port

Check timetable and prices on the Website / Reservation in High Season


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In high season if you’re travelling by a car or motorbike, reserve in advance. Unfortunately not possible for bicycles so we ended up queuing since 6:30, were quite far in the line and almost
didn’t get the tickets for the first
one(9am). Bicycle is 4300 CLP and passenger 990 CLP.

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Have taken the 10:00 ferry.
Price is $ 17940 for the car and 1980 for two occupants.
Apparently, the small ferry is used in a few cars.

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Price change: 17,940 per vehicle, 980 per person. We arrived just after 8AM, had to wait for the cashier who starts working at 8:30, no problem. Visa credit cards accepted. Only 3 other vehicles on the ferry. Small store on board the ferry with a Nescafe machine, 2,000CP for any kind of coffee.

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Desde Puerto Fuy hasta Puerto Pirihueico ...por el paso internacional Hua Hum se puede llegar a San Martín de los Andes Argentina

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Current price for a car Is 17200 CLP.
Adults indeed 950 CLP, children and students free of charge.
Very beautifull trip !

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950 pesos per person for non-residents. Plus, 17,200 pesos for autos, vans, camper trucks and SUVs. Cash only. Towed trailers have an additional cost.

You can make your reservations online at barcazahuahum.com. You’ll need: passport number, number of passengers, type of vehicle and license plate. Payment is made onsite. You should receive a confirmation email.

NOTE: The dates control in the reservations site does not work properly. Enter the date and month as is.

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Of the 22 vehicle spaces 4 are non reservable and kept for emergency vehicles. These are usually available on standby. Be there 2- 3 h early and park in lane 3. Fridays the ferry seems to be often fully booked

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Wanted to take the boat with our car but chose the Mamuil Malal border. There we found a timetable of the ferry which is for cars as well. I will add a picture of the timetable below.

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2016/17 high season. Motorbike 5250 CLP, 950 CLP per person. Car around 25000 CLP. Weekdays 3 departures each port every approx 5 hours. Weekends 4 departures. Not possible to reserve for motorbike.

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