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6 months ago
196.0 masl


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Pit Toilets
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Abandoned Yellow House. Quiet and nice.

Leave No Trace!

Take your trash with you.


Cyclists have been trying to clean up the house for years and everyone should do a little cleaning up before they leave.

There is a dry toilet outside in the steel shed about 10 meters away from the yellow house.


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Seems like they fixed the roof and the window. And now it's definitely the best shelter I've ever stayed!

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Slept one night arriving from Puerto Natales with my bike.
Do the job, but yeah the house isn’t in a really good shape.
Still have one big area with roof and windows.
Police station just front of, always good to go and report your presence.

Some fisherman when I arrived. I Took water from the river.

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It's okay but lots of holes in the roof and winds blows right through so pretty cold. You're better off at the refugio 29k after, but it's pretty small so it's a bet if it's full.

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There is still one bigger room inside which can be used. Rather clean. We asked the police on the other side of the street and they suggested us staying ther, gave us water & are very friendly!

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This abandonned house can no longer be used because they destroyed almost everything.

But, we asked at the police station and they offered us to stay in one of the houses of their compound that they don't use anymore. It was nice to have a shelter and protection from the wind. They also gave us some hot water. Really nice people.

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The place is still here and ready to use 👍
We slept there and we were 4 with 2 tents.

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Stop shitting in the house! People need to respect the space and shit outside.

Apart from the fresh mountain of shit in one of the rooms... it's a good place to camp for cyclists.

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Great spot for cyclists ! Very clean abandoned house. Was a bit cold at night though. Asked for water to the police station 100m away. There is a restaurant/cafe 300m away, didn't go there but quite expansive from what I've heard. Please keep the place clean :-)

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Another great spot, abandoned building transformed into a refuge for cyclists.
As the last comment was pretty bad I expected the worst but was positively surprised. The place was cleaned up (some rooms with the roof missing are still a mess), with a broom in a corner to keep it this way, with improvised furnitures as a table and a bench, a fire pit AND half a bottle of nicaraguan rum. Thank you, whoever you are, for that generous attention.
If most of the people spending a night there would clean up a bit, and fix whatever needs to be, places like this one could keep receiving travelers for a long time.

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No recomiendo pra nada quedarse ahí. Sitio sucio se habían cagado literal, roto el techo suena micho la chapa es tremendamente peligroso mejor dormir en cualquier otro lado

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The wind blew and we tucked in for the night. We got water from the police station across the road from a hose outside. An old fridge blocked one section but scambling over it to see what lay on the other side, nastiness of an old bathroom & kitchen; not an area we need to be. Our side where we laid out our bedrolls was cleaned up. This is a great overnight spot for us, a welcome refuge from the elements.
The walls are filled with an insulation of hay/straw which can cause grief with the sinuses but once back out in the fresh air this cleared out.
There is a pit outhouse (banos) outside and a so much nicer to use than trying to pee in the strong wind ... blowback ! LOL Any kind of banos is a welcome thing.

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perfect, stayed in the house behind te barn.

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Hay baño en una cabañita cerca del edificio. Buen lugar para una noche con una salida del sol linda sobre el río.

Il y a des toilettes sèches dans une cabane proche du bâtiment. Bon endroit pour une nuit avec lever de soleil sur la rivière.

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I recommend the abandoned building behind the barn. Seems to be a previous Road maintenance depot. Some rooms have a broken roof. But I was able to set up my tent inside a more or less clean room with protection from wind and rain.

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Big old barn across the road from the police station, room for 4 or 5 tents, mostly dry, can get water from the cop shop, somewhat clean, can also get into the abandoned building behind.

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