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In northeast of state of Goiás and has more than 200 caves. Most need to be visited with a guide (can be hired in São Domingos). We found a great rough camp near a river across from a huge cave. If you don't want to do the hike you don't need a guide for this place to visit the surroundings. The place is free to enter.

You can also get guides near the state park


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Really cool place to stay. The road is indeed possible with a 4x2. You can visit this place without a guide if you don't go in the cave. We were here to watch the rare Pfrimer's parakeet. If you have a binoculars with you you can see them around. Keep also an eye out for the Acrobatic Cavy balancing high at the rocky slope of the cave. Really cool to see :) In the late afternoon and early morning you can see the Red-and-green Macaws flying out of the cave.

Enjoy! @robjansenphotography

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Lugar tranquilo, rio corrente ao lado. Em frente à caverna do terra ronca

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we stayed for 3 nights. so quiet and we felt
beautiful and clean water.

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Nice place to sleep. No dogs or roosters. Haha. You can drink water out of the river it’s nice

Tr2 is better then 1. It had been raining so one part there was a swim but it was along a rope so no worries. The first part is a small tunnel then the cave starts. After a bit another sky light opens up giving light. You can’t get out here. Continue down the river with a much lower roof to a room that has a 100 columns in it. Was great. There is a circle trail around the room then I went back the way I came

On the way back before tr1 I took a side trail that took me to the top of the entrance of tr1. Great! Then the trail goes down Bach to the entrance where you started.

Very fun and water is great

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One additional cave: Sāo Mateus. Visit with a guide. This is north of Terra Ronca. Quite adventurous. Hike in about 1km from where you park. Descend through a small hole between rocks to enter the cave. There are three main rooms, on three different levels full of amazing formations. You need to be sure-footed in this cave. You stay dry until the very end, and if you don't want to get wet, you can skip the part where you go into the river.

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Guides for the caves are available at the various pousadas along the road. Some information on three of the caves: 1) Terra Ronca 1 & 2: Takes 5-7 hours to complete. 100 meter high mouth of cave TR1. A river runs through the caves. Ropes are provided to hold onto for river crossings. You'll get wet up to your waist. A gorgeous canyon connects TR1 to TR2, which has a huge room at the back full of beautiful formations. 2) São Bernardo is south of TR and the entrance is unmarked. 4 hour outing. Adventurous - with a river rushing through it. No ropes or handrails. We got wet up to our waists. Beautiful. 3) Angelica is dry and mostly flat. It's an hour drive north from TR cave. You can see the cave in about 2 hours.

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In northeast of state of Goiás and has more than 200 caves. Most need to be visited with a guide (can be hired in São Domingos). We found a great rough camp near a river across from a huge cave.

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