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Deutsche Seemanns Mission/Seamans Mission.
Nice clean hotel. Parking for free. Free showers. Pool, Restaurant, Hotel, 24h security.


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A true oasis in the middle of a city.
As I walked into the bar I was greeted by Klaus with a grand South Africa welcoming. He asked what I required and every rely was yes, which is the Afrikaner spirit. Support an overlander enthusiast.

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Hello you all. We are the managers/port Champlains of the Foyer du Marin. We are always very happy to have you as guests. We know driving or travelling this country IS not always easy. So if you come, feel welcomed. We have guests from all over the world. Staying here is free of charge. We have 24h security, free WiFi etc. You are welcome to use the pool, the showers etc. If you need a room after a long trip, we provide them from 30000cfa. Of course we have a nice restaurant and also serve a original german Thüringer saussage and nice cold beer. If there is something we can help with let us know. We have a lot of overlanders especialy from Europe. Staying in the parking is of course free of charge.

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the manager is very kind and keen to receive overlanders for free in the parking lot. but don't expect a nice compound... the parking lot is very small and right in front of the entrance of the restaurant, lots of lights and people/cars passing by he whole night, no privacy. It is a good solution to stay for free in a big city but it is not very sexy...
the restaurant is nice and chill with good food for raisonnable price. swimming in the pool is allowed for 3000cfa pp.

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Perfect place for a night over in Douala. Free to sleep in our 4x4 on the parking. Access to toilets. They have delicious food at their restaurant (the german sausage is delicious) ! friendly staff

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New manager since Sep ‘22. Let us camp inside the compound free of charge. Wouldn’t accept money and said we can eat in restaurant if we want to contribute. Had Thüringer sausage, very nice! We were able to take a shower and I had a swim in the pool (ask first). There will be a new manager in 6 months for now camping is back on 👍

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the restaurant is very busy the parking is limited and so they are not really happy with "campers" anymore. Some of our Spezies takes everything for free and gives nothing in retourn, doesn't work like that for long...
Good food, nice pool, relaxed area!!

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Very nice place.
Unfortunately it was a pretty busy weekend. They wanted to charge us 80.000cfa for 3 persons per night. No room for negotiation at all. So that was well expensive and disappointing. We are on motorbikes, so no option to camp at the parking. That said it otherwise would be 27.000cfa per person per night so they didn’t get why we didn’t want to pay 80.000cfa per night.

So unfortunately it turned out to be way above our budget.

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Allowed us to camp in the parking lot and let use the shower - all for free. Friendly and with a nice restaurant (amazing view in the evening). Thanks for letting us stay there!

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Although the pastor and his wife are not here anymore, camping in the parking lot is still possible and free (I ate and drank in the restaurant in return).

The parking lot is just a parking lot so nothing special but the garden with pool, bar and restaurant is lovely! Food and drinks are not cheap. WiFi only worked near the reception and there was a problem with the shower when I was here but I can still recommend this place. Probably the best place if you have to be in Douala.

The new manager is friendly and didn’t mind at all to let me camp for free.

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We were allowed to camp at the parking spot. Really friendly people, they didn't charge us this time so we drank a beer at the lovely bar for compensation. You can also eat here, nice food.

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Nice Place! They have a Pool, Garden and Restaurant-Terrace with nice Views on the Harbour. It's a quite and secure Place. The Pastor is from Hamburg/Germany. His Wife is the Director of the Mission. After asking kindly she let us camp in the Carpark for free. Clean Toilet and Shower available. Good Food and cold Beer, free Wifi.

A huge, western "Spar" Supermarket is around the Corner.

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Deutsche Seemanns Mission/Seamans mission
Nice clean hotel, ask the Pastor for camping
DR 27.000CFA

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