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This park is also called Itaimbezinho. Rough camping is possible directly outside the entrance of the park by the roadside, at the guard station. Camping inside the park is strictly forbidden.
Toilets with electricity beside the entrance house


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We came late afternoon, took a hike and stayed the night in the back of the gate house. In front of the bathroom. Got electricity through a window of the gate house.

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We got here on a cloudy day that was supposed to clear midafternoon. It didn't so we parked here for the night. No services or cell signal but quiet.

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The ranger allowed us to stay beside the entrance door. Quiet during night.

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Good place to spend the night. Parkranger very friendly.

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Not the best place to spend the night but good for the visit early in the morning or after the closing in the evening.
The guardaparque is very friendly and there is also toilets beside the entrance house.

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Nice place, worth a visit. Good with kid, Easy walks. Driving slowly Ok with motorhome from praia grande but much better from caramba do sul.

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The park ranger had no problem with us staying outside the entrance. That's if we had to leave early because that area is full of cars during the day. It is a very visited park. very quiet night.

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The price was a donation. The walks are easy (no ups and downs, just... walking; one path 6km, other 1,2km) and you don’t need a guide to go there. Beautiful views. The road to the park can be a bit off-roady, but doable if you drive carefully, I guess much easier from Caramba do Sul.

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We didn't camp here but visited the canyon and we're lucky enough to see some base jumpers! There is a sign at the entrance with prices, but we were told that entrance is a donation to help support the park as it is operated by volunteers, no amount specified. No charge for parking.

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Just to add about the entrance fee, it is not obligatory to pay but you are asked to donate 15BR. We watched the local tourists and they all donated.
If you want to camp here in the winter, be prepared for low temperatures. We had -4c.

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No entrancefee anymore, it's for free nowadays! Beautifull canyon.
We camped here as well, right at the entrancegate, on the sideway of the street, with approval of the guard-ladie who works & lives here. Not a special or recommendable place to sleep, but good enough when you arrive late like us.

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Park is closed on Mondays. If, like us, you show up on a Monday you will be out of luck. We also tried the back entrance (to the west) and were politely turned around by a lovely park ranger before we even got close. There is another park directly to the south of here you can get into via back roads and/or hiking, but the views we found didnt compare. So remember - park is only open Tues-sun, 8am to 5pm.

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This park is also called Itaimbezinho. Rough camping is possible right outside the entrance of the park. Camping inside the camp is forbidden. Entrance fee: R$ 17 (2 persons and car).

Price: R$17 per couple + vehicle

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