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Altitude: 8.0 masl


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This is the place where you have to do a bunch of customs work to import your vehicle.

We had to enter the gate on the SW side. The building you need is in the back....walk under the front building. At the desk, explain why you are there and they will get the pero for you.


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Return here on 2nd day. Show pictures of the vehicle and a copy of BOL. c) Receive the TIP of your truck.

3) a) Go to DIAN office (from NAVEMAR 18.000COP in taxi). b) Ask for form and fill it according to the indications. c) Get photocopies of complete form, title of car, driver´s license, BOL; take extra copy of DIAN's paper for getting the SOAT (mandatory inssurance). Several copy shops located across the street. Nelson is rarely at his desk. Stand there and wait. He takes lunch from 12:00-14:00 d) Present everything for TIP application.

As others have described. Meet Nelson in the back part of the building (under the front, across the courtyard, through the glass doors by the flag poles, take a left, about halfway down a huge room full of people on computers). Just ask for Nelson. We unfortunately had to go twice because we showed up at 4:45, but if you get there with enough time to fill out a form, go across the street, make copies of your passport, passport stamp, drivers license, BoL, vehicle title, and TIP you just filled out, you should be good to do it in one go. We shipped with Seaboard and it’s good to stop in the COMPAS office first to schedule your inspection time, because Nelson will ask for it. He was our “inspector” the following morning. From COMPAS or Seaboard a taxi should cost 10 or 12 thousand pesos to DIAN. Get the price beforehand.

We came here after visiting the Seaboard office and obtaining the new Bill of Lading. The guards will tell you where to go. Nelson helped us fill out a form, no mistakes allowed on it or you'll have to write it again. You'll have to go across the street to make copies of that form and bring back. You also need copies of all your documents: title, passport, driver's license, your bill of lading, and entry stamp to Colombia. Once you turn it all in, we were told who to to find at the port to get our container appointment.

Come here after picking up papers from Linda at Seaboard. It’s the building behind the front building...walk under the front building. Explain to the front desk why you are there and they will get the person for you. Fill out form and get all your copies.

It will take them time to complete, so you have time to return to Seaboard for the official paperwork...may want to call Linda to verify before heading over there.

Guy couldn’t finish the paperwork that day, so he told us to meet him at SPRC next morning at 8am. You don’t need his paperwork to start at SPRC...just the official paper with raised stamp from Seaboard...so don’t wait for him to show up.

LoLo from Colón to Cartagena with Seaboard. Step 3 and 6 for us.

Step 3:
With the BoL we asked for the form to make a vehicle import.
They gave us a form an told us which copies they need.
Copyshop is near the entrance on the other side of the street:
passport, page in pass with the entry stamp, car licence, driver licence, BoL and a copy from the form, too.
They took all the copies and send us directly to SPRC. A 15 min walk.

Step 6:
SPRC send us with our pictures of the cars (VIN and plate) for the final add on the TIP.
With this we had to go back to SPRC.

we also had Hans deal with our temporary import to Colombia. Very efficient and although we had no idea what we were doing it only took 2 days to complete the process.

We request the extension of the temporary importation. They asked us for the documents: Temporary Importation Document, SOAT, Driver's license, Vehicle registration, copy of the passport (identification and page with the stamps that prove the temporary extension of immigration). We were attended by Hans, very attentive and helpfull. He handed us the extension on the same day.

Solicitamos la prórroga de la importación temporal. Nos pedieron los documentos: Documento de Importación Temporal, SOAT, Licencia de conducir, Matrícula del vehículo, cópia del pasaporte (identificación y pagina con los sellos que comprueban la extensión temporal de imigración). Nos atendió Hans, muy atento y prestativo. Nos entregó la prórroga en el mismo día.

4 long days in port, but Finally got our vehicle out!

Wasn't Step 2 for us, but is certainly a step. Woman named Adriana, was patient and kind. Filled in forms here. Office is closed on weekends.

Step#2 in retrieving camper after shipping from Panama.

entrance is at the corner of Calle 26 and Carrera 25. tell the guys at the security office you need a vehicle permit from the aduana and they give you pass and let you enter the compound. copy shop is located across the road you will pass it when you walk to the seguro agent which is a couple of blocks away which is also on Ioverlander.

This is the place where you have to do a bunch of customs work to import your vehicle.