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9 months ago
69.0 masl


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Service laundry with clean machines-the lady is happy to just do it for you!

wash&dry 400 C$ per load
wash only 300C$ per load


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Price went even more up to 400 per load (clean and dry). It‘s way too expensive.

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Open on a Sunday and excellent service! We had experienced a lot of rain in recent days (in the camper too) and had a lot of washing! The lady was right onto it and 2 & 1/2 hours later had 4 loads of washing, clean, dry and folded for us! Now that’s what we call express!

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Friendly & helpful owner, clean machines (front load) and dryers (2 each).
Pricey with 250 Cordobas per load (wash & dry, byo detergent), she said electricity is expensive... She‘s happy to get more business from overlanders, we were parked right in front of the house and could use the fast wifi while waiting.

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excellent laundy with very clean machine and nice service
dry&clean c$200
clean c$120
and others services

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Self service laundry with really clean machines.
wash&dry 200 C$ per load
wash only 120C$ per load

laundry service also available

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