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5 months ago
1000.0 masl


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Hosts Jorge and d.aughter Marianna will make you feel at home. 15.000COP per night for RV as at Sept 2016. Camping is at the Mirador on top of the hill with views across the sugar-cane fields in the valley to the mountains in the west. Toilets with cold showers, a kitchen with power and a sink if you ask Jorge to unlock it, 110V power, water and a large bamboo shelter with polished concrete floor, tables and bench seats.
Track up is fairly narrow and there is one sharp bend that may require two goes at it but our rig is 3400mm high and 2400mm wide and provided you watch for any low branches, was no trouble.

Highway traffic is noisy during the day but OK at night.

Intrance to park is just north of the position shown on the map which is the position of the mirador


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Park still open but the camping place is no longer running. apparently closed since the pandemic. The entry of the Park close at 4:30

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Ride2Liveliness (Bülent Esin)
Eduardo who is now responsible for this campsite. The price doesn’t change for camping and it costs 10K. There was no water but it’s ok only for one night...

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Mirador camp overlooking valley , covered shelter, bathrooms?, stopped up! , electric enough to run a electric shaver, the road up is 4wd . Cool place just neglected! Some water available .

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. Cheap place with a nice view on the road to Pasto.
. Payed 10000 Cop/pp/pn for tent
. No Water on the top but you have some in the other spot close to the road.
. No Wifi

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Price is now 20.000 per vehicle. Was ok for a night and you can walk through the forest to the mirador. Road is a bit noisy in the night.

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Bon endroit pour passer la nuit lorsque l'on fait la liaison Popayan/Medellín. 7000cop par personne. douche froide. pas de wifi. patron sympa.
parc agréable avec beaucoup d'oiseaux et un magnifique coucher de soleil. on entend le trafic de la route la nuit.
karaxama 😎

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7,000 per person. Running water in the toilets and cold shower. Lovely bamboo palapa with benches to sit under. Great view over the fields. The worker Julian was very friendly and welcoming.

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Nice place to chill out, we stayed there for two days, we had the hole place for us! Nice view..... It's simple but ok, wit 110v, cold shower and toilets, a empty kitchen for washing and cooking with our own stuff, 7.000 cop per person, we stayed with our cook, she loved it, lot of space to run......! We field like home!

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We were charged 14,000 cop for two people n RV. Unfortunately toilets were without water and hence dirty. A young communist group was there but didn't bother us. Peaceful place, Recommend as Emergency stop only ..,

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Very friendly people. Beautiful views but some noise from the road. Cold shower not so clean. Electricity on site with extension cord. Beautiful sunset. No internet but Claro and Tigo 3G work great. 7000 COP Pp, per night

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Cost was 15,000COP per night for two people.

(I'll edit the main listing so all downloaders have current info)

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We arrived here at night and no one was here, no 24 hr guards. We honked and flashed our light but no one came so it might of been closed.

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Very expensive at COP50,000. Access road is unpaved and narrow with low overhanging trees. Not recommended for vehicles of our size due to 1 tight turn on hill and low trees (although they are nicely pruned since our visit!). Site is on top of hill with water and electricity. There is a small kitchen for your use – just a sink really. Toilets with cold showers. OK view of valley but not worth 50,000!.

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electricity / cold shower / water. Between Popayan and Pasto were lush green rolling hills at high altitude. A beautiful and relatively unexplored area by overlanders. We spotted a few signs offering camping along the PanAm, but feel the area offers great potential and ample camping spots to anybody looking to do some exploration.


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