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7 months ago
25.8 masl


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NOTE: Need to register at police station before doing this hike! Located about 24km before end of road. (it was closed when we were there and it says you can register voluntarily but I think for the longer hikes it's better to do it)

nice walk from the end of the road to here. 5,5km along the coast. very scenic at the lighthouse/faro. we saw whales. if you are energetic you can continue further south.


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from the parking lot at the end of Ruta 9 about 5,5 km, mostly over beach/ sand / pebbles / rock, plus crossing 4 creeks. You need good shoes. It was a great walk, but very tiresome, took us about2 hours one way. Looked into the windows of the lighthouse building, there is a whale skeleton on display - maybe the building was or will be a museum.

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After parking your car at the end of the road start the walk. Easy to follow.
Lovely beach(es) walk to the faro (lighthouse) San Isidro. 3.62 miles (according to a sports tracker) one way. Pebbles and rocks but mostly level. Enjoyed the ocean views and it was dry! What better way to enjoy the most Southerly lighthouse in the Americas! Congratulations- you made it !

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we reached the San Isidro lighthouse after 2h30 of walking, or 5h round trip. after the end of the road there are 5.4km to reach it. almost all the walking is done on the beach in pebbles and sand, it is quite tiring even if there is no drop. you may see dolphins along the way. at the lighthouse there was 4g signal.

nous sommes parvenus au phare San Isidro après 2h30 de marche, soit 5h aller-retour. après la fin de la route il y a 5,4km pour l’atteindre. presque toute la marche se fait sur la plage dans les galets et le sable, c’est assez fatiguant même s’il n’y a pas de dénivelé. vous pouvez voir des dauphins en chemin. au phare il y avait du signal 4g.

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Easyish hike (sand and pebbles means you sink into them) and best bit is at the lighthouse as there is nice mirador overlooking hill and coast. Ag the 2.5 km mark, if the tide is too high, go inland and find the crossing with two hand ropes. There are no signs and fallen trees but keep to where the water flows and u will find it

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Nice hike along the beach. Be prepared for a lot of wind (coming and going). We spottet some dolphins and a lot of birds along the way.

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Registration is now voluntarily and even if you'd want to don't you cant because the registration booth is permanently closed.

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Need to register at police station before walking here (star icon in iOverlander).

We had a beautiful sunny day, and we’ve had better scenery elsewhere, it was a great hike.

The caretakers of the hotel (first white building) invited us to see museum in lighthouse and to see the boat they are building. I didn’t know this until we left as they spoke with my spouse who said thanks but no thanks. 😞 Don’t know if there is a price associated with it. Knock on their door if interested.

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very nice hike along the Magellan strait, see many dolphin and sea lion. (and a rainbow)

beautifull landscape, feeling end of the world, maybe because it's low season, nobody here, snowing a little.

the lighthouse and the Hotel (close) are a very strange location. Nice.

be aware of the tide. not dangerous but more easy at low tide.

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A very nice walk to the lighthouse indeed! The stones on the beach are not very comfortable but its only a short walk (4km each way). We saw dolphins and sealions along the way. 1,5h walk from the end of the road.

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I don't know if people expected to see rainbows and unicorns, but the negative reviews are unwarranted in my opinion. The "End of the Road" is certainly pretty dull, but the walk to the lighthouse is lovely and scenic with dense beech forests and great views of the Strait of Magellan. We saw dolphins, whales and sea lions, and actually did get a rainbow (sorry, no unicorns reported on this trip). In heavg rain, it might not be so fun, but on a nice day, it's worth a lap for sure!

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The hike to the San Isidro lighthouse is definitely not worth the time. Neither the old lighthouse nor the coastline is especially beautiful. Moreover, most of the hike is on loose gravel and sand. And last but not least, if you expect some end of the world feeling, this is definitely the wrong location for that, since the area is rather touristic.

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nice walk from the end of the road to here. 5,5km along the coast. very scenic at the lighthouse/faro. we saw whales. if you are energetic you can continue further south.

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