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This is the visitor center for the park.
You are just allowed to drive in 5 km with a guide for 2 hours and 38 000 pp.
Price for foreigners 65000 cop per person composed by entrance, guide and insurance. All obligatory.


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Although it was a little pricey, We were unable to go because our son was too young. The lady told us they have to be older because the elevation is too high. Although it is an active volcano which would have been very cool to see!

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still the same Car Tour with a my opinion this has nothing in common with a national park or a nature experience. raised the prices up to 77k pP + 7k for the vehicle entrance....

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Quite a huge ripoff. For 2 of us and a van, it costs 130,000 COP to enter. By the time they finished their one hour induction (all in spanish), the fog had came in and we didnt get much to see

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Price for foreigners 61.500cop pp composed by entrance, guide and insurance. All obligatory. Not allowed to enter walking or by bike, only by car, if you don't have must pay 6.000cop extra for the local car.
If the weather allows you can see the volcano fumarole. Since 2010 people can neither go to the border of glacier nor to approach to the snow.

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Still the same, you are just allowd to drive in 5 km with a guid for 2 houres and 38 000 pp, for us to expensiv.the drive to the entrenc was nice and oure first time over the morning view on the way up to the vulcano

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not possible to go walking, by motorbike or bicycle. Mandatory to follow the guide and the other cars. 4 stops to take picture during the tour that's it. So we didn't do it.

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The fee to enter in park is 35 COP for person include guide, plus 5 COP to vehicle. The tour is arround 2 hours.

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This is the visitor center for the park. Road was closed when we were here due to volcanic activity but you could take a bus in from this point. You may be able to camp here. They have bathrooms and cold showers.

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