Mirador Ojos del Volcán | Informal Campsite




Last Visited: over 1 year ago
GPS: -1.383580, -78.436910
Altitude: 2550.7 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - Not at Sites
Wifi: Yes - Average
Kitchen: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Hot
Water: Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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THIS PLACE IS CLOSED. The place is on sale and blocked with barbed wire. Seems permanently closed.
This is a restaurant with a soft grass parking area on the other side of the road. The very steep road is made of pebbles with concrete lanes and pebble parts are very slippery when wet. Wifi works only at the entrance of the parking lot.The owners run a small restaurant, where you can have tipical meals for a reasonable price. Hot shower, wifi, power only in restaurant. The price for a night in parking lot is 5$pp.


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The place is on sale and blocked with barbed wire. Seems permanently closed. We parked for a walk on the opposite side. And we did see the volcano 🌋!

Actually it is a narrow muddy grass area far from the house. The facilities in the building and you should cross the road. No wifi, no toilet, no shower no nothing at camping area. We couldn't see any view because of clouds. The road is very steep.

Basic camp, sliding if rainy, road is good OK for us with 7 m Camper. We were lucky to see the volcano, the owner is very friendly, fire warming the place in the evening.

very friendly hospitable owner who offered us use of his house and fireplace even though he was not there. the property itself, parking spot
and house is run down, house very run down, but the view is amazing, the swing super fun, and a decent place to chill for a few days.

The family loves it to welcome travelers. They can tell you a lot about Ecuador and like to now also a lot about your country. The are proud about their travelers-card-collection! The view to the vulcano is great. Restroom and hot shower are clean. We payed 5$ per people per night.

For us a good spot to camp, we loved the 2 swings, we had them for us, now other people ther

Ok so firstly a few comments on the previous post. i understand that it does look like a good wild camp, but good wild camps are hard to find and there are none that we could find on this mountain. we went no more than 10 minutes up, to the top, and didnt find anything better than parking on the road. i have added a photo showing this place with the road so u can make up your own mind. There is a restarunt on the other side of the road but it is very low key, i dout there will be anyone else there. The couple are farmer's and this place is growing slowly as some additional income for them. they have a super hot (electric) shower and toilet. they leave the door unlocked overnight. they have wifi that is fine for this region and u can use the kitchen. we spent the afternoon on the internet (password: [passwords are not allowed unless explicitly permitted by the owner]) in the restarunt and had a real long chat with the owner. our spanish is terrible so it is really saying something about his communication skills to be able to dumb it down enough for us (he also speaks a little english). the internet reaches to the camping area but there is no power in the camping area as it is accross the road. they have a drive way near the toilet door that you might be able to use and be able to plug in, we didnt ask. the road to the place is steep but it is paved. If your car limits what hills you can drive up you might be out of luck here. in short 10 for 2 people seems about standard in Ecuador, and fair for this place. it has everything you normally get except power at your car (but you have it in the building). As well as that you have an amazing view that very few other places on our trip have matched. If you are unsure about this place drive up have a beer and i am sure the place will grow on you.

We loved our stay. The view is amazing above the city and In front of the volcano. It s very quiet at Night. The owner is very friendly. The swimming chair makes you fly. Less people than casa del arbol. Less expensive and more local (see picture). The way to go is in a Nice condition. Pavement all The way.
We loved it :)

$10 for this?! Nooo it's a joke :D It looks more like side of the road than campsite.
If you have one of this air-cooled buses it's not worth to go there and damage the engine as the road is veeeery steep.

All is said already. Superfriendly, good spot, grasy area, swing over the mountain edge. They even put the fireplace on for us for dinner.
Rojelio invited us for a walk to the waterfall on his property. Really nice view on the volcano, way was sometimes through muddy jungle. Nice swing on one tree.

Nice place, quiet, with Superhosts. Unfortunately we did not see the Volcanoes due to clouds and fog!

Camped on a well levelled grassy area above the restaurant with amazing views of tungurahua and chimborazo in the evenings. There's a bathroom with hot water showers to use and the owner and his wife (good cook) are super nice. Price is still $5 pp. They have two very small and very cute rescue puppies that live with the chicken and will love to play with your shoelaces!

Great spot with excellent views and friendly people. $5pppn.

A beautiful place to stay. Unfortunately we had a lot of rain and fog. But the owners are so nice and friendly. The road is very steep and the curves may be too narrow for very long vehicles. The chickens on the campground are friendly too and sleep rather long!

Super nice hosts! Clean bathroom with hot water showers and wifi. Payed 5$p.p. Unfortunatly we couldn't enjoy the view cause it was too cloudy

Great view, very friendly owner. Hot shower at the restaurant!

Very nice owner, beatiful place to stay and enjoy the view to the volcan, wen i was there in the night the volcan was activ and i seen lava and fire....:-) i payd 10 dollars. It was one of my favorite stay in southamerica...!!

Marvellous view on volcan y chimborazo. Very Nice people. Road not for big véhicules . Road may be cut with mud. Better coming by Patate.

What a fantastic place , perfect view to the Tungurahua ! 10$ per night

Arrived after dark, no one was around, so we just opened the gate. Couldn't find any facilities but quiet and nice view in the morning. Free!

What a view! Sweet view of Tungurahua and we even got a peek at the top of Chimborazo. The owner (Rogelio Bastidos) is super nice and even built a fire for us in the restaurant fireplace. The wifi is intermittent and the running water sort of runs, but this is the most scenic campsite in Ecuador for us! There is even a cliff swing to enjoy the view from! We paid $9 to camp in our van.

Phantastic view, quiet, nice owner.
Toilets and water available
We paid 8 USD per night

Very basic and small camping area above Baños with an amazing view on volcano Tangarahua. The owners run a small restaurant, where you can have tipical meals for a reasonable price. No running water shower, but they will heat up water to have a "hand shower".

- 10 USD for the two of us, including two drinks and a snack
- wifi
- very friendly owner, he heated up water for us to take shower with (they have very nice bathroom, but no hot water at the moment)
- there is a restaurant with a fireplace where you can sit and relax
- great views of the Tungurahua volcano when the weather is right
- three tiny dogs