Karurum Gate | Checkpoint



Last Visited: almost 3 years ago
GPS: 3.64028, 33.71555
Altitude: 0.0 masl


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one of the gates where you have to pay the entrance fee


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40 $ pp per day
50 $ for the car with foreigner plate for your whole stay

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we paid 40 $ pp plus 50$ for the car with foreign plate! motorcicle would be 30$ Tickets are valid for 24 hours,the car ticket you just pay once but it is still 7 times more than with ugandan plate!
So we were a little bit disappointed!!!
We should get a map of the park at the registration for camping but was not available...May be check the area before because there is no information and maps me has not all trails!

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one of the gates where you have to pay the entrance fee

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