Lavanderia | Laundromat



Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: -42.920370, -72.712180
Altitude: 18.6 masl


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Small house to take your washing. 3000 CLP per kilo, wash and dry.
There is a sign for the door that says lavanderia


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Latest Check-Ins

Good service, the same day ready was possible. 3000ps per kilo still.

Very nice lady
3k per kilo but we had 12 so we got a price of 2500. was ready in an afternoon

3000/kilo wash and dry. we had 3 kilos. took 3 hours, from 4-7. she's open from 9am to 8pm, continuously. most things in town close from 1-3 fyi.

A very welcome lady and laundry for God knows where travellers.... Still 3000 pesos but very worthy... 5 star recommended.

Very good laundery service (but yes, a bit pricy)! A friendly lady answered the door and even though she did not speak English, she was very clear. We could pick up our laundery 4 hours later! It came back clean and smelling nice. Highly recommended!

3000 CLP per kilo. Very nice woman answered the door and plans to get my clothes back to me on 3 hours! (Fantastic as I’m in swim shorts and climbing pants while I wait.)

Nice lady. can be same day service if asked. same price as mentionned before

Small house to take your washing. 2500chp per kilo, wash and dry.