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5 months ago
4317.0 masl


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Please confirm, ADMIN NOTE: No overnight camping allowed along the lakeshore, please respect the wishes of the locals. Camp at parking lots as per check-ins.

4317m. Campsite overlooking the red lagoon. Nice spot but an even better spot may be before the registration and checkpoint: S22 09.885. W67 47.915. Camping here buys you an extra day in the park. free

There is wildlife here between the flamingos and llamas. There is no indication that pets are not allowed here, but a leash is a good idea!


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This Place is NOT closed. We just asked the guys at the little viewpoint coffee. They said it is no problem to stay here. The road is also not closed. A beautiful and legal place to stay overnight.

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This place is permanently closed.

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Road was only to walk, not for vehicles to park. You can stay the night on the parking 500 meter before this point.

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Lovely mirador camping spot away from the lakeshore! Windy in the evenings. No issues staying here at this point in time as it is just an overflow parking lot near the restrooms and the road is very much open to drive here (: Tours parked here in the morning around 10am. Signs / barriers only limit driving beyond this point and along the perimeter of the whole lake. In the evenings and early mornings it’ll just be you, the lake, and alien sounds of flamingos!

Also, if coming from the north eastern entrance to the park, the road improves once you reach the lake’s perimeter. It’ll roughen up one last stretch to the geysers and then you hop on a decent road from there Southward.

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It is clearly no longer wanted that people camp directly at the lakeshore. A pity, but of course understandable. You are not supposed to drive past the mirador parking, and there are signs and small barriers that make this clear. They are not unsurpassable, but we think the park rules should be respected to keep this marvel as it is.
We stayed at the mirador parking.

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Mirador parking area overlooking Laguna Colorada. Level for camping with great views but also exposed on the hilltop. This was the best area we found for taking pictures of the laguna and flamingos.

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Very windy but a gorgeous campsite. We rolled in at 7:00 and had the parking lot to ourselves. The first Land Cruiser tours arrived at approx. 9am so we had plenty of time to enjoy the lake. As the sun climbed higher in the sky, the lakes red color intensified.

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Quiet but windy and cold (-5C) place to stay the night. Most tourist jeeps leave at 6pm. It was so windy de that we got into the car at 7pm already. Sunrise is worth staying at this place.

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Beautiful but very crowdy and windy, I would not stay there. Much better place to camp is 8 km South in the canyon.

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Crowds until 6p.m. (Up to 24 jeeps) after that very windy but deserted. Wind stopped after 9p.m. And the sunset is spectacular. Very exposed to the wind. Cold (-8C). No baños

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On the peninsula of the red laguna overlooking hundreds of flamingos and the mountains.

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No Facilities. FREE. On slight ridge above lake, in parking area. Landcruisers during the day but deserted at night. Brilliant views.

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4317m. Campsite overlooking the red lagoon. Nice spot but an even better spot may be before the registration and check point: S22 09.885. W67 47.915. . Camping here buys you an extra day in the park.


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