Popayan, Parque industrial, In Front of Colgas | Propane



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GPS: 2.501233, -76.558781
Altitude: 1765.2 masl


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Ask for Julio. COP 6'000 per gallon.[now 8.500 COP, August 2019.] Propane. Fixed US tank filled no problem. potable water available for free!


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Nice and friendly guy filled my fix tank. (8500 pesos per gallon)

We filled ours brazilian bottle (2kg).
Payed - 18.000 COP

We had our fixed us tank filled without any problem. Very friendly. 8500/gallon.

Very fast and easy to get US propane bottles filled. They charge by the gallon. We paid 60.000 COP for 7 Gallon.

Just filled my motorhone fixed propane tanks no problem. Julio is the owner and very nice guy. I also did a very good welding service with Junda.

Place is ok, we filled ou argentine bottle. 8.500 COP per gallon.

we got 20 lt (9kg) for 30.000cop.
super friendly guy who love travelers, we also filled our water tank for free (potable, need your own hose).

Julio (Colgas) saved the day! We got our fixed US-style fitted tank filled. He is located in the Industrial Park. The guard at the gate will give you directions. You might have to back-in (depending on the location of the tank). It might be tricky if you are much higher than 3.5m or longer than 7m. Worth a try. Very helpful people, as usual.

Today finally I fill up the US RV tank.
expensive, CP 8300 / gallon, but since Bolivia I was filling just transposing gas bottles to the tank using an artisanal method that I invented. ; ).
He have many kinds of adapters to fill different bottles.
Attention, mr. Julio said that in about a month he will change place of his officce to 15 km more in direction from popayan to Cali.

The information is old.

nt here because of all the good reviews. Said it is no longer aloud to fill bottles only to change. Said all the other places probably wont fill either. Tried to sell us a 5 ltr colombian gasbottle for COP 100000. We kindly refused.

Had no success here. Owner says that new regulations prevent him from filling gas bottles, he can only swap out Colombian ones

These guys are great. So helpful, honest, friendly. Ended up helping us with a few other things too. Highly recommend.

verry fast and sympatic ! good service, family buisness

Only place we found in the whole country to fill our RV US tank!
We stayed 1 month without gas and this place saved us.

price up again, 8500 per gallon but could fill up our fixed tank, great

Price has gone up. As at May 22/17 it is $7800cop per gallon. This about double the price we paid in San Gil. There we paid 30,000cop for a full tank. Here we paid 46,000 for 3/4 tank. If you can wait until Ecuador, they told us that it was a lot cheaper in Ecuador. And they also said propane was more expensive in this part of country as they have to bring it in rather than produce it. Julio was not there, his 2 sons were and they were very friendly and honest. ALSO one of the sons has a coffee finca and has coffee for sale. Highly recommend. Buy the coffee, support local growers ❤️❤️

Amazingly friendly owner. Easy as pie!!

bottels from chile are not possible to fill

All what is said is still true. Paid 54.000 COP for 8 Gallons. Julio is a smart guy. He filled my US bottle in a few minutes.

Fixed US tank no problem. Opposite blue bottles yard. Ask for Julio

Ask for Julio. He knows what you want and has adaptors. Its the place opposite blue bottles..big black gate. No other place was able to do...charged cop 670000 for 9 gallons. Our is a fixed US tank and with in few minutes we were back on the road :)

The GPS Position is in this post is the right one (not the one from sdeiselmann). It's the Black Gate on the other side of the colgas, very friendly people! Paid 27.000 for 4 gallons

We found the gas seller inside the yard with the black gate. We confirm they can fill european bottles. We paid 6600 cop the gallon.

we had no luck her, they refill only there own green bottles, but we found an other station down the road nearby, Pos. N01.22731 W77.28620 they are inside behind the black gate oppesite the company with the blue bottles !!!!! the filled even our european car propan gastank :-))

Ask for Julio. COP 6'000 per gallon. Propane.