Elma Rest Area | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


Last Visited: 7 months ago
GPS: 47.01651, -123.35305
Altitude: 35.6 masl


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Free dumpsite with potable and non-potable water.
Washrooms 24h


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Others have saying it's praises, but I have to jump in and agree. Three whole coastal/park region is short on free water, dump stations, even trash barrels. This place was like an oasis in the desert.

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4 drive thrus for dumping and fresh water. 8 hrs of sleeping if you want. And it’s all free

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Three lanes of dump stations and potable water. Free!
Thank you state of WA.

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dump works ok!
we spend the night in the rest area. super noisy, ona truck left the generator on until 4 AM. it's a safe and clean place if you are in the area.

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Big parking spot. Some trucks. You here the street but it is perfect for catching some sleep.
8h stays are allowed

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As described by other reviews, free dump site with wash off and potable water fill at each of the four lanes after dumping.

I’m not going to complain about this wonderful service, just a note. The freshwater will shut off every 40 seconds. For our 35 gallon tank, I simply sat next to the button and pressed it every time the hose went limp. I lost count on how many times I pressed the button. But again, free potable water, no complaints.

Thanks to the Recreational Vehicle Owners of Washington and Washington State DOT for this wonderful setup. 🙏

The rest area portion is well maintained and clean.

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Quiet, dump station, Potable and non-potable water, restrooms with running water toilets, Big rigs and RV friendly, picnic tables and vending machines.
Drawback only 2 stalls in men’s room and one urinal, waiting line and ports- potties are nasty depending on how often they clean them.

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Quiet night 👌 Great facilities for filling water and dumping tanks.
Adventure Dorks would stay here again.

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Free dumpsite with potable and non-potable water. Free coffee too!!

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