Bradner Road Rest Area | Sanitation Dump Station



4 months ago
105.9 masl


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It’s a rest area. The name pops up on google maps.


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free sani dump, free potable water and no issues if you want to stop for a day, a week or a month. truckers nor campers bother you. it's an active area. washrooms are kept clean, garbage is hauled. tour busses stop regularly to pee. there's a gay cruising area in the back woods but everyone minds their business. Not quiet at night due to trucks but, free

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Just came through to dump around 9:30am. It was fine. There was a permanent set up right beside the dump station, which is unfortunate for them, but it looked like they were maybe moving. The dump station is right at the beginning when you drive in. They have rinse water too. There are a few permanent set ups in the parking, a bunch of other RVs (maybe permanent, who knows, and a few trucks were parked to rest, nothing dramatic. It was morning but it seemed cleaner than I expected. It’s in much better condition than the free one near Chiliwack . Would dump there again. After staying in Abbotsfords walmart, this place seems like a better stop for the night if needed.

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rest stop with a sani dump. no charge to use. lots of campers looking like they are staying there despite the No Overnight camping signs

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Absolutely terrible. Full of trashy campers and sketchy characters, maybe even drug manufacturers. I came here to dump my grey tank but someone was just parked at the dump station. Avoid this place at all costs!

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Pretty gross area with tons of trash and abandoned cars. Dumping itself seems okay, has fresh water.

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When we showed up around 2 pm on a Sunday, the line wasn't that long, only about 5 RVs in front of us. However, I have driven by in the past where the RV line has gone all the way out of the rest stop and down the road.

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nice set up, but currently unable to dump because the collector thank is full (red flasher on the controller)

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Great free dump station with free fresh water also. The dump station has rinse water too, separate from the fresh water station just ahead on the same pullout from the rest stop.

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When travelling west actually. from Abbotsford to Vancouver. Dump is free.

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When traveling west actually. From Abbortsford towards Vancouver.

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It is the first exit past Mt Lehman exit, when travelling East .
Near Abbotsford.

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