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10 months ago
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Here you get the stamp for your passport. Friendly staff and really quick.
This is where you go first to get your immigration passport stamp at the new police station, when entering/exiting Bolivia. we got our Travel Permit here, they wanted 100 Bolivar, but we said we had to go to the bank, eventually he told us to go. the permit is only to Santa Cruz.


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Friendly staff, they asked for our itinerary and the time we want to stay in Bolivia. Like this we don't need to register on the online platform our locations. Orden of translado isn't necessary anymore, we already traveled for 2 months in Bolivia and no one ever asked for this. No copies necessary.

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Actually I had quite the opposite. I asked for the transit document, they told me I didn't need it. they even said it was only to get to Santa Cruz and pointless. then all the police came into a room with me and said not to worry.then the chief stamped by Aduna paper, dated it and signed it. I said I still wanted the transit paper. They said fine, will give you one. No money requested. They were more pissed I kept asking for the paper!

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Attention ouvert jusqu'à 14h le week-end. Bien faire attention qu'il note le nombre de jour sur le tampon du visa, sinon la douane n'accepte pas!

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Immigration and police building. We got our exit stamp here. If you’re entering Bolivia you need to get your “Orden de Translado” by the police here.

*The Order de Translado is a single sheet document issued by the police with your name and vehicle info stating where you’ll be driving to in Bolivia. There’s not cost associated with this document but the police will asked to paid anywhere from 50 to 100 Bolivianos every time we crossed into Bolivia. We never pay it and always tell them that we only have a credit card.

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Here you get the stamp for your passport. Friendly staff and really quick.

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